Pope and daughter

Joint pastime dads and daughters - one of the most touching moments, which only can be captured on camera. I'm sure that if you have your own little princess, then you appreciate every minute of it. These photos and SIFCO melt even the coldest heart. Enjoy the warm relations daddy-daughter.

Wonderful FizKult duo. Baby daddy taught push-ups.



No swing is better than Dad.

The happiest kiss.

New duo of superheroes.

First fishing with dad's favorite.

Best Couple of tourists in the world.

Restless companions through life.

This podsobit daughter Dad decided to demonstrate their strength.

Dad teaches his daughter an important lesson for the barbecue.

Top partners kung fu.

This baby is not afraid of water, when the pope next.

Dad teaches the little girl blowing soap bubbles.

What could be better than a refreshing dip ice cream with your favorite Dad a hot summer day?

This dad for daughter ready for anything.

A wonderful touching moment between a father and his daughter on her wedding day.

This Pope has created the best photo session for their daughters. Of course, some of the images he also lit up.

Dad waiting for the gentleman who invited his daughter to the prom. "Yes, I just talk to him, dear!»

Charming t-shirts for dad and daughter on Valentine's Day.

The best dancers.

And this helps the baby daddy to choose a motorbike. Because the Pope knows that if the child will be on his side, his wife can not stand and allow him to buy a "wheel».

Minnie and her Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.

Dad and his three angels in the morning.

The two build the best sand castle in the world.

All was right!

In the kitchen, everything is calm. Cooking has never been so entertaining.


Little Ballerina and her most devoted fan.


Father and daughter recreate the wedding photos after their beloved wife and mother died of cancer.


Source: bigpicture.ru


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