8 tricks that will help cheer up if you do not get enough sleep

So, you do not get enough sleep. Absolutely. At 6:30 your alarm clock rang, and you once again horrified to realize this fact. Perhaps you could not sleep because of the obsessive thoughts or been a party to two in the morning. In any case, ahead of a difficult time, and your body will need help for the maximum concentration.

Website will tell you what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

1. Drink coffee. H3> If you do not drink coffee with tons of sugar and milk, this drink - the good and the well-known solution for the person sleepy. You can drink it even just to wake up, because it improves concentration and gives vivacity.
If you do not abuse coffee, a few cups a day - it is absolutely not harmful and efficient.

2. Walk.

If you are really exhausted sleepless night, you will find the idea of ​​a walk is not particularly attractive. But a walk around the office during lunch break or before work can do wonders: fatigue gone, you become more focused, body and mind will be filled with oxygen, and will cool you invigorating effect.

3. If you can take a nap, do not miss the opportunity. H3> Yes, of course, take a nap for 20 minutes on his office desk - not the best option.
Surprisingly, even a short nap can help to focus on a few hours.

Maybe in your office have sofas in a secluded place where you can get at lunchtime, or you have a number of parked cars - using every opportunity to take a nap, even for half an hour.

4. Deep breathing. H3> We have a big deep breath power. It increases cerebral blood flow, which helps to cope with the constant desire to yawn. Therefore, if you feel that you are falling asleep, try to breathe deeply for some time, and even better - while walking.

5. Eliminate distractions. H3> If you have a hard time, and before you is a phone that is constantly vibrating from SMS messages and social networking - is a recipe for disaster, even if you are not tired.

If you want to focus on today, you simply need to eliminate those factors. Friends and comments can wait.

6. Less sit. H3> You probably have not heard of a new phrase, which successfully distributed on the planet: «seat - a new smoking» And it's true, because in the long term health of the seat in place equivalent to smoking.

If your office has a high table or a bar, then you can put your laptop in for an hour or two to work standing up. If not - go back to the version with a walk.

7. Take a shower.

There is nothing better than a hot shower in the morning. Therefore, it is in those hard days when you do not get enough sleep, do not deprive yourself of this pleasure.

Also rinse the face with cold water throughout the day is a good idea. This will help to freshen up on time.

8. Eat nutritious foods. H3> The depleted state often want to fatty and sugary foods. Fast food, all kinds of donuts and chocolates really give you energy, but only for a short period of time. Try to watch your diet and eat foods that endow you with strength for the whole day: grains, vegetables, meat. If you snack, then, for example, a sandwich or a light salad with avocado.

Good luck! And try to get some sleep now.

Author: Lei Veyngus
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