It's not as easy as You think 14 facts about our brain

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1. Your favorite song — the one that connects you emotionally with an important event in my life.And this is confirmed by scientific research.

2. Music can influence your decision.For example, scientists from the University of Groningen know if the radio in the car plays rhythmic music, you will definitely start to go faster and more aggressive.

They also found that happy music really can make you happier, and sad — sadder. Ie music sets your mood, and you don't choose what to listen according to your mood.

3. The more money you spend on others, the happier you become.This was proved by numerous studies. Common sense dictates that you need to spend earned money on themselves, but biology that requires us to care for loved ones, sets its own rules!

4. To become happier, you need to spend money on experiences, not things.Again, common sense keeps saying, if you spend money on entertainment, you'll regret it, but the thing you can use for a long time. And long get pleasure from it.

But the truth is, what new things we get used faster than you think, and the fun of them is just a few days.

5. Most of today's children would end up in a psychiatric hospital in 1950.About half of the population now suffers from chronic depression and anxiety disorder. About the same percentage of people dependent on the use of certain psychoactive substances. If the standards of work of psychiatric hospitals has not changed since the mid-twentieth century, half of us could be close to the nuthouse!

6. Some religious practices do reduce stress.Studies show that people who regularly pray and meditate, to a lesser extent prone to stress and depression.

7. Money can buy happiness, but only if you earn up to $75,000 per year.Money brings satisfaction only as long as they are not enough to meet your basic needs. If you were a member of the middle class, but then suddenly became rich, happiness will not bring it.

8. Stress is contagious — stokesley you have to communicate with depressive people, then soon you will become one of them. Regardless of what events are happening in your own life.

9. If you are able to persuade myself that a good night's sleep, the brain would believe it!Our brain generally there is no difference between the real world and the imaginary. If you sleep five hours, but will repeat to myself, slept great, then it works. And you will feel inflow of forces.

10. People aged 18-33 years — the most depressing.Family, education, work — all this causes a lot of stress, isn't it? The years that we call "the best" or "blooming", is actually the most difficult.

11. Smart people underestimate themselves, stupid overrated.This effect is called Dunning Kruger.

12. Your brain remembers events from the past. He replays memories, "invents" them.That's why witness testimony is so unreliable! ALL, i.e. absolutely ALL the memories of your life brain mutates. Every time you come back to them. Want to store something in memory? Try to remember about the event as possible!

13. Your decisions will be more rational, if you think about them you will be in a foreign language.

This was proved by a study by the University of Chicago. If people ponder over what decision they make, in a foreign language, more rely heavily on logic, not on emotions.

14. If you share your plans with others, the chances of their implementation will actually fall.And it's not jealousy as you might think. The fact that people are sharing their plans do, in fact, complacency. The brain, as we have said, sees no difference between the imagined world and the present. Shared plans — immediately feel the joy of unfulfilled events calmed down and relaxed.published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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