The man opens the true power over women, and woman through the man.

Man and woman give each other the freedom to be such as they are, definitely took each other's aid in partnership to open a sacred powerful divine Power.

When meeting a man and woman is often splash out energy wasting it. The true pleasure and perfection of the merger, could reach only those pairs, which connect all of its centers. Lower centers connected to each other, are raised to the heart, forming the ring and out of the heart and raised in the head, forming a second ring of the pair. Thereby forming between two circles which form eight infinity.

Sacred Power of women and men is unconditional love, this divine love, creativity and creative strength of the powerful. The higher and purer consciousness of women and men, the higher the potential opening of the Divine energy.

This energy transforms a woman and makes her feminine, soft, gentle, harmonious, peaceful, connected with his spirit-goddess.

A man with a high level of consciousness as the key opens this energy in a woman, the Divine Power hidden in the sacred center, lifts up to heaven, the kingdom of God. The woman, who visited in heaven returns with incredible force of Divine Love back to her lover, wanting to give him all the power and strength, becoming instead a man is now the key to opening its strength. This transforms the strength of a man making a courageous man, serene, calm, coupled with his Duhom- God.

Joining all the centers, the couple opens a powerful flow of Divine energy that is poured on the lovers, presenting the divine love, tenderness, grace and bliss.

Such a pair discover the true essence of each other, it opens the Spirit reveals God and the Goddess.


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