Raising strong mind in a strong body is reduced not only to the physical rehabilitation of the brain and its blood vessels, but also to the training of consciousness. By the way, there are direct and inverse relationship: a healthy brain with normal circulation has clear, clean, trained consciousness and awareness training revitalizes the brain and physically.

Often we catch ourselves thinking that we can not stop the flow of negative thoughts and emotions, blowing us down the river of life - to disease and misery. Often we feel powerless feelings of fear, resentment, hopelessness. So I felt lonely in their childhood and adolescence. I could not cope with the fear of death and hopelessness until until peered in nature. Peering in Nature, I found that there is no fear, resentment, hopelessness. It is the only eternal life, eternal rebirth, eternal joy of existence.

I began to learn from nature. Nature has taught me to deal with emptiness, a sense of meaninglessness of life, fatigue and depression. How could it be meaningless human life if there is nothing in the nature of senseless? All meaningful, everything you need, all the laws, everything makes sense. And though we do not always understand, what exactly is the meaning. But be aware that there is a meaning. Just because a man - part of nature, and nature all make sense. The man misrepresented himself in the wrong way of life, a departure from nature, and therefore lost its sense of purpose. How to regain a happy and joyful feeling? You need to train your thoughts and feelings.

Training - is laying in your mind positive thoughts and emotions. Instead of again and again to experience the troubles and failures, we must turn toward the light of hope and happy thoughts. Positive thinking needs to be cultivated, it is necessary to teach them to your brain. Think about how many years have you succumbed to sad thoughts. Look at your life from that what it is, - this is what you yourself have done their thoughts. We ourselves create the life, the happiness and unhappiness, their health and illness your thoughts. Our life - it is the embodiment of our own thoughts. If our life is something wrong, we can confidently say that something is wrong in our thoughts. We get sick because our thoughts are sick. For many years, we can destroy ourselves gloomy thoughts, resentment, self-pity - and not even realize that they themselves are creating the causes of their illnesses.

Our body always responds to what we think. In self-confident and happy man, even the posture is quite different than that of an oppressed person and always tired. Tell yourself: "I am happy and well", repeat it a few times, until the words start to sound confident and easy - and you will feel like to straighten his shoulders like a smile on his face as weakened muscle tension and poise becomes proud.

Man by nature has the ability to control his nervous system, and hence the organism. The highest skill in this reach eastern fakirs who ordered myself to sleep on nails. Ordinary people do not need it. But learn to control your thoughts, your nerves and your body so as to be healthy, everyone can.

I came to this method alone and spontaneously. I lay on the beach and did not see the light at the surf much relaxed. My mood has improved, I was pleased to state. I realized that it is a healing state. I began to breathe deep full breathing, and the state has become more pleasant, if unexpected joy engulfed my whole being. Tension is gradually took from all parts of the body. But my cold hands and feet gave me a feeling of discomfort. Then I realized that the feet are warming, began to inspire afford it, and soon noticed that they really began to warm up. Then I tell myself that my hands are warm - and they are also warmed. Pleasant relaxation and warmth spread throughout the body. Then, the body appeared a pleasant heaviness. I felt the blood is more powerful and stronger start to circulate in my body, and deliberately tried to keep this state, saying to himself: "My blood flows faster, my blood is clean, it nourishes the body with energy of health." Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, my condition was excellent and the disease seemed to retreat.

Since then, I started to practice this technique constantly, and he always gave positive results.

Can relax everyone, for this you just have to find a secluded place, where it will be quiet and peaceful. It is necessary to lay down, close your eyes and imagine some pleasant picture - for example, a calm expanse of the sea, a light rustle of the waves against the rocks. Then you need to start to breathe and exhale with each monitor to a specific part of the body muscles relaxed. For example: a breath - strain in his right leg, exhale - a relaxation of the right leg, breath - the voltage of the left leg, exhale - a relaxation of the left leg. Then also consistently need to relax your back, chest, arms, shoulders, neck, face, forehead and eyelids. Then you have to imagine that the body warmer - first the feet, hands, and then the rest of the body except the head - head should be a sense of coolness and lightness. Reaching this state, tell yourself, "I feel great. I have good health. " Do not be fooled if you will first be hard to believe, because in fact it is not so, and you find it difficult to utter the phrase easily and confidently. Do not leave the effort, practice pronouncing the words. After all, so you put in your body program that you want to have. You can lay your body in any program, just get what you want out of life if you are in a state of relaxation and warmth will talk about this in the affirmative. It is important to practice the exercises constantly, as the results of instant self-hypnosis does not. From self-hypnosis, go to the creation of mental images. Formed in his mind thoughts and feelings, showing a healthy condition of your body. In a state of relaxation and warmth say to yourself: "My blood vessels clean and healthy. My blood flows through the vessels easily, quickly and seamlessly. My blood is clean and healthy, it nourishes all the tissues with nutrients they need. " Having said that - not necessarily loud, better about yourself - you can imagine how more visible picture of their healthy blood vessels and healthy blood.

Next step: a suggestion yourself positive thoughts and feelings in the performance described in the beginning of the book of exercise. Carrying out exercises, say to yourself: "Every cell in my body is updated, the blood becomes clean and fresh, the vessels - young and flexible." Do this every day.

Each day begins with positive statements about yourself, "I am healthy, young, full of energy, my body - a perfect creation of nature, which laid the powerful healing forces, day after day, bringing me health, vigor, strength, confidence».

Learn to constantly monitor your thoughts. Many people notice that they have in my head like a living some nasty inner voice that constantly tries to inspire them something negative: life is hard, you're a bad, unhealthy, do not know how to solve their problems, you can never recover. This mischievous inner voice must learn to ignore or disable. Once the notice that you yourself say negative phrases, order yourself quiet. And then tell some positive phrase. For example, an inner voice says: "You do not recover." Make him shut up, order him to be silent and tell yourself: "I'm recovering. I'm healthy! ».

This constant control over his consciousness eventually leads to the fact that the whole way of thinking and feelings are positive, you get to the river for a happy life, and it brings you only have happiness and health.

Katsudzo Nishi "system health"


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