Seven problems that can be eliminated with the help of two bananas

On this day and throughout the week put a little experiment: Eat two bananas daily. For example, you can eat a banana between breakfast and lunch. Why? < Website brings seven problems that can be removed with a pair of bananas a day!

1. Depression h2> Bananas really help cope with depression, a feeling of depression, as well as the "winter blues" when due to reduced daylight hours people constantly feel not in the mood. Besides bananas contain a very important amino acid tryptophan, stimulates the production of pleasure hormones - serotonin.

2. Blood pressure h2> Thanks to the potassium content of bananas well cope with the problems of pressure and effectively reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke. For those who have heart problems, bananas - a fruit is simply indispensable.

3. Anemia h2> Bananas, like apples, are very rich in iron. If you are anemic, or vice versa - you want to protect yourself from it, bananas - this is what you need. They contribute to the development of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, strengthening the blood in the body.

4. Bad mood h2> The next time you will realize that the mood at zero and nothing pleases you, just eat a banana. They will lead to normal blood sugar and vitamin B will calm your nerves. As a result, you can relax and tension will pass very quickly.

By the way, you might be amused by the fact that bananas - is asexual clones. So, bananas that we eat ... we ate!


5. Gastric ulcer h2> Those who suffer from this disease, as anyone familiar with the problems of supply. Many are strictly prohibited. However, bananas - a pleasant exception to the rule. They are able to cover the walls of the stomach a special film, which protects it from the harmful effects of acid.

6. Heartburn h2> When you twisted an acute attack of heartburn, banana is able to act immediately, as a medicine. After eating it, you immediately feel welcome relief.

Here is another amazing fact of the site: the radiation level can be measured with bananas! Surprised? We too!


7. Energy h2> Bananas literally made from the purest of fast carbohydrates. After eating a few bananas before training you will provide yourself with energy for hard work in the gym. A portion of the same after the lessons help you to quickly and easily close the carbohydrate window.



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