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Interesting facts about bananas

Roast with salt and pepper and serve hot to the hot meat ... What do you think about what is at stake? It turns out that about bananas. Before you facts that you did not know about bananas.

• Banana - a berry. Banana plant - the largest plant, which has no solid trunk. Banana stalk of grass sometimes reaches 10 meters in height and 40 centimeters in diameter. In one such stem hangs generally 300 fruit weighing 500 kg.

• Bananas are not only yellow but red. In more delicate red pulp, and transportation, they can not tolerate. Seychelles island MAO - the only place in the world where there are gold, red and black bananas. Locals them, of course, eat: this is a side dish that is served to the lobsters and clams.

• Bananas contain more vitamin B6 than other fruits. It is known that this vitamin is responsible for good mood.

• By weight, harvest bananas is the second largest crop in the world, ahead of grapes (3rd place), and giving first place Oranges.

• India and Brazil produce more bananas than any other country in the world.

• Bananas almost half nutritious potatoes, and dried bananas is five times more calories than raw. One banana contains 300 mg of potassium, which helps to fight high blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle. Each of us a day requires 3 or 4 grams of potassium.

• Mait Lepic from Estonia won the first competition in the world by eating bananas at speed. He managed to eat 10 bananas in 3 minutes. His secret was in the absorption of bananas with the skin - so it will save time.

• The world record for the absorption of bananas for 1 hour - 81 banana.

• One type of banana in Latin is called «Musa sapientum», which means "fruit of the wise man».

And more about bananas:

Banana - the fruit of the perennial herb of the banana family. Cultivated since IV century BC

Originally from South India, bananas are grown for about 3,000 years, but in Europe until the 20th century, they were considered a luxury. Now bananas imported from many countries.

They are transported green and matures at room temperature.

In fruit pulp of banana contains a lot of sucrose, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, E, carotene, enzymes, trace elements (especially potassium); There are organic acids (malic prevails), fiber, essential oil, starch.

In home cooking banana dessert varieties consumed mainly in raw form. In addition, they are used to manufacture wine, beer, vinegar, marmalade, jam, ice cream.

Purifying peel, remove also all white thread.

Buying bananas, as well as other fruits, see that on the skin did not have spots, they can buy immature and they dozreyut home.

Never keep bananas in the refrigerator, as they turn black at low temperatures.


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