How to grow bananas

How to grow bananas and how they are collected

Bananas are grown in most tropical regions of the world. They are harvested still green, and they ripen during transport. In most cases, the bananas are sold yet ripe, and therefore, to allow them to mature, they must be stored at room temperature. Today we show you how to collect bananas in Costa Rica


As soon as the ovaries begin to form in the cluster, it quickly pull the plastic cover that on ripening fruits do not fall, otherwise spoiled bananas before they will cut off. So they grow up in plastic bags, eleven weeks. Until not reach full ripeness because they were being taken away to different parts of the world, besides the fruits dry out during transport.

Cut the fruit hung on the cable car for transport to the packing station.





No subtleties in collecting bananas there, it needs two workers - the first long pole with screwed on the end of a powerful bunch of saber cuts, the second at this time gently puts her over his shoulder.


After cutting bananas, the plant is cut down, because it will not give fruit. Planters on this occasion did not grieve: in place of the former banana (which by the way is not a tree, and grass) planted a new plant, which in a few months will give a new crop.


If the method of collecting a century of mass cultivation of bananas has not changed, the shipping fruit to the plant has undergone little modernization. A bunch of bananas goes there on such cable cars.



At the packing station is divided into bunch bunches and placed in a pool with running water for 20-30 minutes to stop the selection of juice from fresh fruit slices on the crown, which can spoil the presentation of bananas.


Of all the fruits that come on the packing station, quality control passes only 5-6%. Unsuitable for export fruit is sold on the local market, it is made into flour, from which the baked banana bread, or make baby formula.



On washing the banana occupied mostly by women.


Immediately after the bananas will draw from the pool, it obsushat, wrapped in plastic, packed in branded boxes and sent by sea: it is cheaper and thus can carry more goods.




Way of bananas in the United States takes 10 days to Europe - 3 weeks, because in boxes with "European" bananas are packed on a pound more fruit. As long as they get to our store, a box of bananas usohnet precisely on these shelves.



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