How to collect and grow bananas

Famous blogger spoke about the growing of bananas and how they are collected in Costa Rica.

Bananas are grown in most tropical regions of the world. They are harvested still green, and they ripen during transport. In most cases, the bananas are sold yet ripe, and therefore, to allow them to mature, they must be stored at room temperature.

Once the ovaries to begin to form a cluster, it quickly pull the plastic cover that on ripening fruits do not fall, otherwise spoiled bananas before they will cut off. So they grow up in plastic bags, eleven weeks. Until not reach full ripeness because they were being taken away to different parts of the world, besides the fruits dry out during transport. Cut the fruit hung on the cable car for transport to the packing station.

No subtleties in collecting bananas there, it needs two workers - the first long pole with screwed on the end of a powerful bunch of saber cuts, the second at this time gently puts her over his shoulder.


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