15 unexpected culinary combinations that are worth a try

Recently, some people from the editorial team had a chance to try the classic Italian salad melon with bacon. Strange, yes. But delicious! Really delicious! Inspired by this experience, Website gathered for you the most strange gastronomic combinations. Yes, it's really eating. Apparently, the taste is not bad at all.

herring, baked with cheese h2> Looks and sounds, to put it mildly, not very. Nevertheless, it is a traditional dish of Baltic cuisine for which it is necessary to take a course unfamiliar to us fresh herring. This fish - a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements, and combined with cream cheese - HLS-bomb. And for those who follow a diet approach. Only, perhaps, do not try shopping herring with cream cheese to cross.

pickles and ice cream h2> The salt in pickles is required for interaction of cells, the normal circulation of blood and stabilization of pressure. A sugar and fat in ice cream - it is pure energy derived from carbohydrates. Do not believe it, but in such a wild combination is all very well absorbed and gives the body the ability to function normally.

Nutella and french fries h2> Salt enhances every taste, whether it be sweet or bitter. Did you ever think why fries at McDonald's so delicious chocolate drink a cocktail? Because salty potato chocolate background sounds several times sweeter and tastier.

Black bread with cottage cheese and raisins h2> The main thing - to take a piece of bread with a rich, recognizable taste, for example, Borodino and densely spread it on top of a sweet curd with raisins. The proportion of the thickness to be about 1: 1. Fans of this sandwich is said that all the buzz in the unusual combination of a sharp taste of bread and soft and gentle - cheese. What child would not play!

Apples with salt h2> It is best suited green and sour. Ideal as a snack for strong alcohol, and in terms of total import substitution - and completely irreplaceable, for example, if in the course went tequila. New Year is around the corner, is stored apple!

By the way, did you know that there are amazing apple with red flesh? Very tasty!


Red caviar and white chocolate h2> Famous entertainers - British chef - a very long time trying to figure out what you can enrich the simple taste of white chocolate. And come up with the same! On the tiles they offer to put on top of the red caviar. According to them, salty hint of sweetness softens and ensures new gastronomic sensations. It is said to have found a combination of trial and error. We are even afraid to clarify what.

Beer with lemonade h2> The Germans just love this cocktail. Strange people, that they take! It is called "Radler" and even sold already bottled. Adherents believe that the combination of bitter beer and fruit flavor in 1: 1 ratio perfectly quenches thirst and elevates mood, despite the fact that it turns in a minimum amount.

Dark chocolate and beetroot h2> It is recommended to sprinkle with grated dark chocolate beetroot salad - get an interesting mix of sweetness and bitterness. Surprise, but beet and chocolate contains the same substance - pirozin that and gives them a special flavor. Just sprinkle the first small portion - if anything, is not it a pity to throw.

Melon with prosciutto h2> The classic Italian dish: sweet honey juicy melon and thinly sliced ​​pork leg jerked. Keyword - subtly. Ideally - cut melon into slices and each wrapped in a slice of meat. It will turn the main salty taste and fragrant sweet aftertaste. Wash down extremely dry wine, there is no options.

Salty watermelon h2> Few people know that watermelon can pickle or pickle for the winter on a par with cucumbers, tomatoes and other household blanks. Earlier this dish was very popular, but now that the watermelon is perceived solely as a dessert, is quite rare. Adherents of this priest's claim that watermelon marinated will be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

Cucumber with honey h2> Initially, the Old Slavic recipe was used exclusively during the holiday - Honey Spas, when everywhere began collecting honey. Deli elementary fun to prepare and requires no flavor enhancers - only fresh cucumbers, vegetable oil and honey. Steeper, of course, there are pickles with honey.

The curious fact of the Site: in fact cucumbers - Fruits and vegetables are not!


Strawberries with Dor Blue h2> Too charming combination. The sweetness is balanced by the saltiness of strawberries and spicy cheese. This occurs because the acid in the cheese reacts with berry flavonoids. The result - a sophisticated and very tasty snack with wine or something stronger.

Jam zucchini h2> Tavern itself - almost tasteless cottony substance, which, if desired, can be moved to any culinary side. These and enjoy lovers of jam, making it the tavern (cheap and cheerful) and adding any optional fillers - from lemons to pineapples.

Caramelized Onion h2> In other words, the onion and coated in melted sugar or honey. Many love it as a side dish, and someone adds a piquant detail how to meat, fish, cakes, pizza and anything. Some even eat ice cream with them. Our editor, for example, considers it a perfect sauce for cutlet burger, wild woman.

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