That's what takes the time of our lives

Life flies like an arrow: here, like, recently, and think - the year passed. All the time busy with something, and no ... And where it has got to?

Website offers to think about and consider what we spend our lives. To begin with - briefly:

Search parking space Moscow drivers spend an average of 19, 1 minute at a time and waiting for the green light, we, in total, spend about two weeks of his life; High Girl in a lifetime spent on shopping about 3 years; In 5% of our life person spends in the repair and hygiene; One tenth of the lives we spend in treatment: the campaign for doctors in pharmacy, a trip to the resort, and so on. d.

And now calculate the main "devourers of timeĀ»!

Obviously, most of the time in a human caregiver, and is likely to go in the future, on sleep. Certainly, many of us dreamed of a magic pill that would solve the "problem" of sleep, and would give us a lot of extra hours. But while we can only accept the fact that the normal daily sleep duration of 7, 5 to 8 hours about a third of our lives, that is. E. < almost '22 (if life expectancy of 70 years) we spend in a dream. work all accounts. Not everyone, unfortunately, can boast that he goes to work with pleasure. If you do not like what you are doing every day, but you have to do to make money, you are, in fact, steal time from ourselves 10 years of life , you are wasting, engaged in unloved business. Modern man spends on television, telephone and computers almost half of the time, which is in a state of wakefulness. The average adult sleeps 16, 5 hours per day, and to communicate with the technique he goes up to 45% of the time, t. E. When life expectancy of 70 years, except for childhood, we spend about 20 years to communicate with gadgets!
In order to successfully save at least part of these 20 years, many people have become accustomed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, combining, for example, sending e-mails listening to music, or watching the TV on websites. Thus, some manage the day to get eight o'clock the information spending a little more than seven hours of real time ... Saved from work and gadgets while modern urban dwellers "descend", mainly on the road, and Muscovites account for the worst: in Moscow, moving on the city takes twice as long than the average for Russia.
Moscow also remains the undisputed leader in traffic jams. Every day in the capital, there is up to 800 tubes, which are languishing around 1 100 000 cars. On average, Muscovites spend as much as 3 hours a day on the Tube, and this, with the proviso that we live 70 years, almost 9 years of his life! 5. On average, modern man eats about 1, 5 hours day. This means that the life expectancy of 70 years, almost 4, 5 years spent on food! It is not always accompanied by a meal pleasant atmosphere in the family or in the company of friends. Often, we eat on the run, and not always wrong quality products.
Summing up, "uneaten" time is not so much - some 5-6 years! These are the facts. What to do with them - everyone has to decide for himself. Maybe less sleep or eat? Take a walk with your child or friends rather than get stuck in the Internet? Website sure - a way to save time, there appear, if you put a goal! Good luck!



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