7 fascinating facts that we did not know about Australia

Australia - a country where things work a little differently. Here, people are fighting against the rabbits, the roads are worn huge iron monsters, and summer lasts from December to February.

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Australia - a country of camels h2> Camels were introduced to Australia in 1866, in the amount of 100 goals. Today, the population of wild animals more than 1 million individuals. Australia - the only country in the world where there are herds of wild camels. Therefore, it is here that Saudi Arabia buys camels for cooking various delicacies.

and rabbits! h2> Australia chronically unlucky with of introduced animals. Should they be in this blessed land, they begin to multiply wildly until, until they become a threat to all living creatures. The population of rabbits began with only 24 species that were brought by the ships of the first colonists. Very soon these cute pussies so fruitful that were deemed aggressive expansionist views.

For their destruction used a variety of measures, ranging from the total ejection and ending with attempts to shut out a huge fence. People have even been forced to use some kind of biological weapon: the rabbits were artificially infected with myxoma. This led to a reduction in the rabbit population from 600 million to 100 million. However, rabbits do not give up and developed a genetic resistance to the virus, so that by 1991 the population has recovered to 200-300 million. Confronting people and rabbits continued.

Great rabbit fence h2> It is well known about the Great Wall of China, built to protect it from attacks by nomads. In Australia, too, has a massive fortification built to protect people and livestock from wild rabbits. The length of the constructed of wood, metal and wire fence is 3256 kilometers, and the longest fence in the world. For his service, a special patrol service, which workers on camels (in the past, they now ride off-road) follow the inviolability of borders.


In Australia, too, there Alps h2> Australian Alps are part of the Great Dividing Range, which stretches for 3500 kilometers from north to south. Its highest peak is Mount Kosciuszko, a Polish explorer Paul Strzelecki. Every winter more snow falls here than in the Swiss Alps, which is good news for winter sports enthusiasts.

Beaches h2> In Australia, there are more than 10,000 beaches. If you go to the beach one day, it will take you more than 27 years. Incidentally, the majority of the population (85%) lives in the coastal zone - within 50 kilometers from the ocean. The State pays great attention to the environment, so many of the beaches are located in the buffer zone, and have almost the original appearance.

Monsters on the road h2> Inside the continent almost deserted. It is possible to overcome hundreds of kilometers on the road and meet only a few cattle farms. Therefore, an extensive network of railways is missing here, and the main cargo are carried out with the help of huge trucks. Powerful tractor driven for a 2-4 multi-ton trailer, with the total length of the vehicle may exceed 50 meters. They carry these steel monsters on the roads with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, so when meeting with them, it is best to pull over to the curb and hold your breath.

Few policy h2> The formal head of state is Elizabeth II, Queen of concurrently running the UK. She claims the Governor-General, who has the authority to intervene in the case of constitutional crisis, and in ordinary times played mainly a representative role. However, the real power in the country has only the prime minister.

Interestingly, participation in elections in Australia is not just an honorary rights of the residents, but also direct responsibility. The failure of citizens to the polls without a valid reason, as well as non-participation in the census shall be punishable by fines (20 Australian dollars and 110 Australian dollars, respectively).

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