Big road trip through Australia

Once in a wonderful country that bears the name of Australia, the eyes immediately begin to flee - most want to see the beauty of these places and learn about wildlife. The country is a continent and at the same time impresses with its contrasts and becomes the best option for the rest of so many people each year. In this reportage you drive on the roads of Australia and see a huge amount of gorgeous photos of local landscapes. Australia has long attracted me with its mystery and remoteness, and for some reason there was pretty easy to get - only one flight in the best case takes at least 30 hours. But the decision was taken, and we with my friends rushed into the next road trip.

So look our map movement. We started in Melbourne and finished in Darwin, breaking a total of about six and a half thousand kilometers.

It was the end of December, and Melbourne full swing preparing for Christmas.

Melbourne is probably the most calm and measured the city from all I've seen.

City, created for life, where people do not run on their work and leisurely spend time enjoying life in every possible way.

Watch the rhythm of the city on top of the tower Eureka - a pleasure.

If one word to describe Melbourne - immediately comes to mind the definition of "serene».

First contact with the animals occurred at Melbourne Zoo. This meerkat.

Here we met with kangaroos. Then we will meet with the animals in the natural environment.

The picturesque beach houses 20 km from Melbourne - can be rented for a month, to throw the board for surfing and enjoy the Australian way of life.

Famous Australian road signs flash before his eyes across the continent. Sometimes one gets the impression that the characters more than the animals themselves. And we, meanwhile, getting used to the right handlebar, almost left for oncoming.

Australians are almost never seen snow and Christmas meet, walking along the beach.

We head to Sydney.

Bondi Beach - the most popular beach in Sydney.

Sydney, as the younger brother of New York, a lot like him, but Sydney is much milder climate and a lot of beaches.

Sydney - Australia's largest city, and it shows in the number of tourists visiting it, so the city is a little tired and sucked all the energy.

But if you move off to the suburbs and to look at the metropolis from the outside, just open the idyllic picture.

Local GUM - Queen Victoria Market.

Moving on in the direction of well-known Australian wineries.

The weather is changing quite rapidly.

On reaching the winery, finally saw kangaroos in the wild. Close to him, they are not allowed retain a clear distance of meters 100. If you come to the 5 steps, they jump for exactly the same distance.

Moving northward toward the equator, we find more and more surfers.

And here is the first contact with a koala.

I have long thought that all Australians why some color their hair. But it was easier - under the influence of the sun the hair just fade. By the way, the sun in Australia is really dangerous - because of the thin ozone layer skin burns literally for 5 minutes, and tan on the continent can be forgotten.

As we move along the coast begins to seem that the Australians are born with a surfboard in hand.

We arrived in the town of Byron Bay - a real paradise for surfers. Here is the colorful public, on the ground at his feet move rarely used all that is possible: skateboards, longboards, bikes, sharkery rollers.

Surfer romance.

And Australia - the birthplace of the famous Angus meat is considered to be the most delicious.

The town of Nimbin - is another story. In the 70s there came the hippie community, ever since they live there. This is the only place in the country where you can buy some kinds of drugs, without fear of the strict Australian laws. For 40 years, the police turn a blind eye.

This Jay Bee, Australian native-born, has lived here since the founding of the community, as old smokes marijuana, argues that makes it three times a day, so feels great in your 65. We can only believe

Gold Coast City - holiday metropolis of Australia, recalled in spirit very Miami.

By the way that Australians seem to be surfers at birth.

At 5 am on the beaches can be found only surfers.

Not far from Brisbane, we found a beautiful park where you can spend time in the company of kangaroos and koalas.

Such lazy and passive animals I've ever seen.

In my opinion, this guy does not trust me.

Male kangaroos easily identified by the developed front paws - they defend them.

Panorama evening Brisbane city even more relaxed than Melbourne.

Pretty dangerous descent on a steep sand dune.

It is a place called Rainbow Beach, at first I thought I'd see there's a lot of rainbows, but then I realized that we are talking about the beach, at sunset which painted a rainbow of colors.

Our small company

This Whitehaven beach, the most beautiful beach in Australia, part of the 10 best beaches in the world.

The spectacle really crazy.

For a long time I was chasing after them - these crabs running around fairly quickly, while emitting a strange collective sound.

Meanwhile, we have also crossed the border of Queensland, the climate has changed in the rain and the streets began to come across here such here the colorful locals, far from urban life. To understand what he says, it is almost impossible - the strongest Australian accent surprise even native English speakers.

On all beaches in Queensland during the winter months is strictly forbidden to swim - to blame for deadly box jellyfish, its stock reported a bunch of signs on all beaches and installation with vinegar - it is, in fact, the only escape from burns.

And here is the box jellyfish, even dead on the shore, it still presents a danger, residents are strongly encouraged to walk along the beach in the shoe.

Mission Beach - all strewn beach of beached jellyfish.

In Queensland, the distance between settlements is significantly increased - on the day we overcame at 800-900 km.

Closer to the equator ourselves a pity that you can not swim.

Crocodile meat is no different from beef - checked.

After the official end of the trip, sending the main group of friends back home, we decide to continue on and go deep into the wilds uninhabited continent. We have about 2500 km on the road to the isolated city of Darwin.

The first night in the desert.

I had to spend the night camping in the absence of other alternatives.

Meet the white man in these parts - quite a rarity, mainland Australia inhabited mostly natives.

The road is gradually deteriorating.

Soon the asphalt ends and we can drive ostanok way already this coating. This does not change the landscape accompanied us the next two days.

Thanks to our friend for the all-wheel drive reliability.

With gasoline in these parts do not joke, fill should be in addition to the tank still canister, or even two, without which no one here does not go - to die out in the desert for 40-degree heat can be for a few days, travel is not at all on both sides.

But such travel can be seen quite often.

One of the first crossings of the river. Despite the presence of an SUV, yet had a chance to swim with the current. All is good, but the signs of the river with the image of a crocodile bit depressing.

oselenie Aboriginal Borroloola. Natives are not particularly sociable guys, and their appearance is not particularly has to familiarity.

Legend Australia - road trains. On the road, saw four and even five trailers, quite scary to overtake those of the opposite line.

Finally, we are back on a solid surface and the end of the day safely to Darwin, where already with a clear conscience, we flew to Bali. See you soon!

Photo source: Andrew Bayda




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