Wildlife Australia

Australia is home to the most interesting and the most bizarre wildlife in the world, with a huge variety of creatures. Residents and travelers can see here in Australia kangaroos are jumping on the streets of koalas that hang from the trees, as well as the deadly snakes lurking everywhere. I would like to introduce you to some unusual inhabitants of Australia.

Huge bats

Bats in Australia are huge scary, actually the largest of these species can weigh up to one kilogram and have a wingspan of more than one and a half meters. In Australia, there are flying foxes - they are much more than the average bat live in flocks and are one of the smartest of Australian animals. Flying Fox can look bloodthirsty, but they eat only fruits, flowers and nectar, sleeping during the day and feed at night. If you run into them, do not approach them, because they can carry viruses that are harmful to humans.


When people think about Australian animals, the first thing they come to mind - it's a kangaroo !!! Kangaroo can reach a height of about 5-6 feet and weigh up to 120 pounds. They have a very strong hind legs, so they are very good jump, and a strong tail for balance. They can jump 30 feet in one quick jump! Kangaroo mainly feed on grasses and other plants!


They live in the forests under the bushes, this is one of the few Australian animals that can be kept as a pet at home, just outside the apartment - they are usually not afraid of people! Common wombat weighs about 60 pounds, much like an ordinary pig. Wombats have strong claws and legs, they use them to hide. Because they - digging animals. Wombat - nocturnal animals, thus they are usually located at night in search of food. They eat leaves, plants and roots.

Crocodile living in salt water


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