Australia and Fiji

It will be a lot of pictures. The end will tell.
Chase ...

Frankfurt airport. Waiting for the 12 hour flight to Singapore.

Wine shots in the zone duty free

Recreation. Yu asleep, and I noutom.

From Frankfurt flew airline Qantas

Well that Frankfurt has a transit zone, where all can live)

While away

and here they cherished receipts to another continent)

Despite 12 hours of flight, swim in the pool located at the airport in Singapore, we did not, paddling pool full of)

J. and S. finished the last drop of Whiskey, and we were waiting for another 6 hours in an airplane seat.

When our board gently stuck to the ground in Sydney, the ship's captain did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with me.

City Map in hand, all driven!

Silver is still in St. Petersburg ordered a taxi and we Rushed to the Pacific coast.

Counter ruthlessly twisted figures and clocked a little low about 70 bucks. Taxis in Australia - a luxury!

The point will be on the right. End of route ©

Here everyone is engaged in Cerf.

Coolest Beach Bondi Beach

Cold morning ocean

It's Bondy Beach

In fact, from this beach and all the fun began

The sign "Pedestrian crossing" is quite vivid

High prices in Australia? - Yes, we know about it, but really shied away from them, only the first three days, the course was the cheapest provision)

The city met all over the poster of the upcoming Derby Rugby, which met with the Roosters Panthers

Money is not torn. Australians who first came up with the bill to make of such material.

Australian cash

In McDuck fed pigeons. Chutzpah is no limit.

Sydenham station - there is not far to our hostel.

Gains on the railway Central

The symbol of Sydney. The famous Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House - the face of the city and probably the most famous object.

"Sails" theater evening is illuminated by searchlights.

In the evening, the city is transformed, starting dvizhuha and this pub is poured delicious ale.

Small pile was sick massed the herd, rugby is the most popular game in Australia.
Pay per game duplicating compositions for 30 bucks and did not want to stage, we did not.

The city is very clean, like the rest of Australia.

In the port of Sydney has a lighthouse
He shines there is always
And he says a simple Tajik
Pour another glass of wine!

Pyrmont bridge

Lokal Stout.

The oldest hotel in Sydney - the first floor of a great pub.

View Opera House with Harbour Bridge. The work of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

A masterpiece of modern architecture. Decoration of the city.

A masterpiece of modern architecture. Decoration of the city.

Wandered with Silver in the amusement park)

The ship crossed to the other side.

And in the morning we flew from Sydney to Kvinseld staff at Gold Coast.

Upon arrival in the office was rented car.

All alcohol in Australia is sold in specialized shops, so-called "Battle shop." We of course they never came.

Became a hit out, bag fridge and a couple of boxes of Guinnes, now you can safely go to the Golden Beach.

This place is definitely among the best!

Waves were unreal cool!

Easy shopping

in search of beautiful postcards

It is a place where in summer the surfers hang out!

In the evening we arrived to Brisbane and found the pub Gilhooleys.

The most expensive beer in my life was consumed with great pleasure. Fat Yak

Pubs preparing St. Patrick

In the morning, the rain flooded the Gold Coast, but we are already a little worried we left Australia.

Navigator will tell how to get to the airport in Brisbane.

Our fifth in a row plane.
a / AIR PACIFIC. 3:00 flight over the Pacific Ocean ...

... And we touched the earth of Fiji! Zharischaaaa

In general, the main rare earth Fiji was the garbage and after much deliberation and negotiation, it was decided to go to the nearby islands.

He is even in Fiji!

Fijian dollars

Zatar for adults, we expect to cruise the islands.

Buses in Fiji without special glasses, otherwise you have to ride in the bath.

On the boat music played, we push off from Port Denarau

40 minutes, and we moved there, where do pictures for zharnalov travel agencies and other brochures to attract tourists from all over the world.

Bounty Island. It was here we kept on his way.

o-in bounty. Pacific Ocean.

Thus it passed almost all the time on the island

Huck and Chuck ripped boat

Maybe a glass of coconut juice? Splits the way easily.

In search of souvenirs)

Island bypassed vokgrug 20 minutes.

It is the world is not the first time lies at our feet? Daaaaaaa!

Rallies speak at the Swamp? Winter? what else?)))

Sitting in general, destroyed Whiskey, bam! snake swam to shore!)))

... Until the morning away, you are in my hands,
I'll build a castle, sand castle.
Once again, you will come to me, without you - melancholy,
I'll build a castle, sand castle ...

Ogromenny jellyfish - danger!

Threw back into the sea, into the hands so no one take and did not dare.

UNDERWATER impressed. Sea cucumbers and star corals and a variety of fish stocks!


30 day, 25 night

the island was hidden a note in a bottle, not a Robinson does not find it, and if it finds something .....)))

Borisych as always found some some animals. Crab. (No hair)

Sunset graduated from a warm summer evening, stopped at the edge of the earth ...

You can walk endlessly on the Bounty

We decided to make a cocktail, and it is not a cake chistoganom Malibu

Borisych again found animals. At this time the turtle.

at that moment I thought that I wanted to rush hour in the St. Petersburg metro.

What is happening John Silver. We ship orders by yourself!) On screw !!!

Goodbye Bounty! MIRACLE island!)

We sailed away from the island and ...

... And moved over here!

Our path lay on the second island. On the island of Funky Fish

trigger on the camera does not gather dust

The wind blowing in his face ...

Walk around the island, the village well in the summer ©

Sky Red zapelooooo !!!

Soon we are back on the main land of Fiji, it is a great way. We rented a car and go.

Generally course PPC, McDuck is everywhere, is there on the moon? ..

Riding in a wheelbarrow found still a place for swimming, there was no one but us.

We go further. Pouring rain. The climate in Fiji is very humid. Rain is 3 minutes, then it is not 5 minutes, then it goes 40 seknud example.

The rain continued, so typical of Fiji.

And bam! and there is no rain!

Fiji cesspool, reminded Africa, around one negros, traffic lights do not work, what is the dirt circle, ruin, generally quiet horror, but the land around the main island is very cool.

Nothing to do with the camera settings. Just such a real evening.

We were settled in their rooms in the morning and flew out of these places did not close ...

Airport Nadi

Here he Fiji edge of the Earth, with her hot and sunny, we flew into New Zealand.

Three hours of air ways and have seen the mountain vastness of the farthest point ...

We flew to Auckland. It has been exactly one day what would take a walk around the city and feel the spirit of New Zealand, enjoy a local drink, taste like steak.

But it so happened that gygygy New Zealand without a visa, and we did not have it, you can not leave the airport. It was such good news that we were jumping for joy. DAY We were hanging out in the relegation zone and wait for the plane to Melbourne.

On a large map of the world and looked at the game in town, the capital, and other geography. All look Fiji)

Bomzhevat in Auckland so cool. We have studied the entire airport and did not look toward the duty free

After the daily expectations, we returned to New Zealand to Australia. In the state capital "Victoria" in the city of Melbourne.

In the wheelbarrow went away from the city, watch game. KOALLA!

That thing 20 hours a day sleeping in that position. rest of the time she is getting ready to sleep)))))

And finally I COME THIS TIME!

See kenuguru and die.

I began to be approached very carefully, was about 7-8 meters ... wanted to catch and bring to St. Petersburg.

But Kangaroo fled, and catch up with the game can not do.

In general it is perhaps the most vivid symbol of the whole of Australia, even depicted on the emblem of the country.

At this point we have a little rest, we breathed wind and drove further on Philip island

All of Australia is dotted with these characters. Sometimes it seems that the characters themselves more than a kangaroo.

Caution Penguins !!!

On PHILIP ISLAND we watched as a thousand penguins coming out of the ocean to kormeshka. An exciting spectacle. Unfortunately it was impossible to take a picture, that's just a little manikenov)))

Tolbuhinsky lighthouse.

The famous Great Ocean Road in Australia!

We make a stop at the ocean. Yu decided to swim!)

Try it!)))

Such a sign seen only once ...


12 Apostles, stretching along the shore of the ocean

Soon the apostles would not, they just wash away the ocean ...

You can watch forever ...

And then was the helicopter. Guys flew over the ocean ...

Total is 100 Australian dollars.

Do not hunt was wet crosses)))

It runs the ocean and incredibly noisy ...

and here perhaps you can freeze the present ...

For many sections of road in Australian kangaroo carcasses lying around. They knocked cars because they do not look to the left and the right in general and the course is not much out oduplyayut)

Walking on Melbourne

Mailboxes in Australia look that way.

Government Building

That run is not himself a tram on rails behind me

And this is the way House James Cook, who discovered the Hawaiian Islands and was generally steeper Putin! [Right]

Sorting Bridge

All intersections equipped with traffic lights in Australia, and traffic lights signaling buttons. Procedure.

Melbourne beautiful but boring compared to Sydney.

Melbourne - the capital of Victoria.

By the way, ugg boots. they're just selling everywhere! Many fakes of course but full of Original, there are about 150, 200 dollars and above.

The next morning in the plans was to climb to the highest point in Australia! Kosciuszko peak! 2228 meters!

To the top we went to the car, and were close to the goal, reached the lifts, but could not come up, the weather broke up with our clothes, we just did not have it for the ascent in such weather.

It was decided to jerk back down. There is a reason to go back and someday take the height!

From the capital city of Melbourne Australia

For what we Sishey were not fastened seat belts received without talking fine - at 244 Australian dollars. Here it is discipline and order.))))

Photos of the speed.

Canberra. Otel.Vecher.

Canberra. Parliament where we went for a walk, it was a Saturday and for the money you can get in.

Sydney. Port.

In Sydney, the city stretched over such a monorail on which the train runs.

Beach Bondy Beach, the place where we started this journey.

The evening at one of the best places in Australia.

Bondy Beach. Evening ocean was very cold, but the swim was a must before leaving. Australia - a country in which you want to come back! 18 days of travel, 11 flights, a lot of hostels, 59,000 km ... That's all!

Thank you all for your attention.



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