7 best hotels in Australia

Australia - is not a country for recreation, it is the country to visit.

Australia - is a rare combination of exotic wildlife and sparkling modern cities. This beautiful country roads, endless ocean beaches and coral reefs. On the old maps it was designated as Terra Incognita (Latin unexplored land). For many of us, Australia and now still unidentified South Land.

So what are the best places Terra Incognita we know?

1. Sydney - Australia's largest city. In no other city has so many beaches and so picturesque harbor. The town is famous for its Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the beach.

2. Great Barrier Reef.

One of the best places in the world for diving. Oh it does not even need to say much - he is famous throughout the world.

3. The monolith Uluru - one of the most famous and mysterious attractions of Australia.

A huge red monolith looks best at sunset and sunrise, when the sun plays all the colors on its sides.

4. The Kimberley, Western Australia.

At the very edge of the continent, Australia is a region called the Kimberley. People who come there for the first time, can not find words to express his admiration. This is one of the favorite places for photographers, here the stunning beauty of nature - the sea, the red mountain ranges, waterfalls. It basically live on a ranch, and only three cities can boast a population of over 2,000 people. This is where you really see these warnings, "The last bar for the next 900 km." This place gives you forget about the overpopulation of the planet and feel like a pioneer.

5. Great Ocean Road.

This 106-kilometer coastal road that runs along the south-western part of the state of Victoria, will allow you to visit the wild and stunning beauty of its beaches, drive past forests, cliffs and rocks, including the Twelve Apostles rock. Travel can take a car, a motorcycle or a tourist bus.

6. Pink Lake Hiller.

This is one of the most mysterious objects in the natural world. The water is not clear, or even greenish, as is usually the case, and bright pink, strawberry-colored gum. Located on the island of Lake unusual medium - the largest of the islands Research south-west of Australia. In 1802, the archipelago was discovered Studies English navigator Matthew Flinders. He became the first European, who were lucky to see mysterious lake.

7. Attractions Movie World.

This amusement park is the most popular, it is often called «Hollywood on Gold Coast». All shows and entertainment in one way or another connected with the movie. There is, as usual carousel, on which you can ride with young children, and extreme rides like Superman Escape - a roller coaster with a vertical "dead loop».


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