Australia could become the world leader in the number of solar-powered electric vehicles

Australia could become the market leader in electric vehicles with solar batteries, given the right incentives and policies of the country, which encourages the development of renewable energy and the closing the most polluting coal-fired power plants.

"With high penetration of residential solar photovoltaic systems in Queensland and South Australia and the advent of home energy storage, Australia have an excellent opportunity to become a leader on the market of electric vehicles powered by solar energy," - said the company Origin Energy
. Almost a quarter of Australian homes are equipped with "solar" roof. Australia is seen as a likely first "mass market" due to the abundance of sun and high electricity prices in the country.

Many electric cars are already being charged by solar roofs and utilities switch the load for electric hot water supply systems in the afternoon to take advantage of solar energy.

The potential of electric vehicles is significant, but sales in Australia were low - less than 1,000 vehicles sold before the end of 2014, although these figures are now rising enthusiasm for the fashionable model of Tesla S, and more recently, the huge interest in the new Model 3.

The company Origin Energy offers a variety of strategies to facilitate increased demand for electric vehicles: such as support for quick purchase, development of infrastructure, in particular charging stations, reducing data collection and recording, as well as preferential parking and a separate lane

. The company also expects that the sale of electric vehicles can be combined with GreenPower or similar products.

In Australia, now there is no vehicle emission standards means, while the Australian Government says the introduction of such a policy. Emissions in the transport sector account for about 17% of total emissions, and growing rapidly. Electric cars really help to reduce emissions, in particular, in South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

"Our plan allows a coalition government to change its defense mechanism so that it is no longer just prevented the increase in emissions, but also reduces them. The plan allows you to do this with the steps that are consistent with its political restrictions, "- said the Australian Grattan Institute.


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