Ayers Rock

Australia! so distant and mysterious country! About how many miracles in it so different from all that we see and know. And even the mountains there are quite different - round and flat ... Yes, of course I am talking about one of the symbols of the astral plane - Mount Ayers Rock.

Ayers Rock is perhaps the world's greatest rock formation. This huge flat stone lying in the middle of the Australian desert to Alice Springs in Central Australia. Prior to this amazing mountain can be reached by road and rail or plane from Adelaide. Next to it is 400 kilometers Uluru National Park. But the journey is unlikely to greatly surprise you. Have to overcome hundreds of kilometers of desert uniform and Bush before you can enjoy the amazing spectacle of the mountain.

Ayers Rock is located near the southwest corner of the Northern Territory, the dry red heart of Australia. This enormous orange-brown rock 2, 4 km. in length and 1 and 6 km. wide rises to 348 m. above the surrounding desert plain and is the largest monolith in the world. Dusty desert roads lead from Alice Springs to the motel near the rocks; tourists can climb up and look at the rock in the changing light of morning and evening. At sunset, it seems as if the mountain lit from within, when its color changes from day dusty gray to intense, blinding red, before turning into the fading light of a black silhouette. Those who are willing to dawn vigil, the rock opens in even more beautiful pastel colors. It is easy to climb up on it, but searing heat of the desert turns into a serious rise in the enterprise. The main thing to take a sufficient amount of water, because without it there is a danger of dehydration, sun and heat stroke, should not be neglected and the threat of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The first European who saw the monolith Ayers Rock, in 1872, became an Australian explorer Ernest Giles, crossed this part of the barren desert. However, for many years before in Australia were the first European settlement and the British began to deport criminals here, the natives already knew the rock known as Uluru. At its foot, numerous rock paintings, and this place plays an important role in Aboriginal culture. Rock inspired and Western artists, poets and photographers.

Uluru this is the name that is used by the inhabitants of Australia, and the Europeans are accustomed to using mapping Ayers Rock. Aboriginal Australia this mountain monolith is not just a natural formation that is part of their culture and life, a gift of the gods. Here they also supplement and freshwater, as even in the driest time of the year with numerous streams flow down the mountain. Local Aborigines believe Uluru sacred mountain, as well as the entire territory adjacent to it

At the base of the cliffs there are many caves. Within each of them - a variety of ancient wall paintings. As the ancient records of Aboriginal, this place is sacred. Uluru every year visited by more than 300 thousand. Tourists from around the world. This is one of the main tourist symbols of Australia.

Once in the center of the continent rose mountain range, which is an island in the middle of the lake Lake Amadeus. Products destruction of rocks were deposited at the bottom of the water, forming a rock, which in appearance resembles lying on the side of a giant elephant.
Monolith Uluru from a distance looks quite smooth, but near the surface clearly visible bumps, cracks and borozdy.Pochemu does it happen?
Although the rock is located in the middle of the desert, to the region annually descend hurricanes, bringing heavy rains. Desert climate is characterized by variations in temperature: cold nights here and midday heat reaches 38 ° C. Stone (as well as any physical body) expands when heated and contracts when cooled, causing it cracking.


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