As the lack of self-esteem can spoil life

I occasionally suffer from low self-esteem. And earlier, in childhood and adolescence, was suffering from inflated. Surprisingly, but in fact it is the same thing, and then another - elementary lack of self-esteem.

It would seem that such a natural thing, but how few people possess it in full. When people respect themselves, it forms and attitude of others. To put it short: Respect yourself - you respect others. Treat yourself disparaged and considered himself unworthy of respect from others? Chances are good that it certainly will take advantage.

But the word "respect" similar to the word "uwagi" (many related Slavic languages), which means "attention". That is "respectful" means "to be sensitive." And to others and to himself. Self-esteem - it is attention to himself, and, consequently, a sober assessment of their advantages and disadvantages. After all, if you come from this side, then each person, including those with low self-esteem, will be able to find the not one or two advantages, which means that it will always be that of self-respect.

By the way, immediately next to the pride and worth. Not one that is proud, and the one that is dignity. What healthy pride - it's just a joy that you possess some advantages I'm proud when I see the results of their creative work, I am proud that I can run so many kilometers - after all this is my personal achievement. And I can be proud of their children, parents, friends, work, country - because of their achievements, I also somehow involved.

But as soon as the start comparing yourself to others, here and ends with a healthy pride and begins pride. I'm proud of my country because of its merits, not because it is better than other countries, I am proud when my children are doing well, because I brought up and raised them, and not just because they are the best.

While a person evaluates his actions, not by comparing ourselves with others, he is clean. As soon as he starts to think - what I have done, that ran 10 kilometers, "faster than the tail" (or "Bob could not run, and I ran"), and here it comes, pride.

For a woman self-esteem plays a special role. There will be no harm to remember what our grandmothers that remain relevant to this day. For example, look - you should always look neat and clean, and it's not expensive, hipness, and the brightness of clothes and hairstyles. A good haircut, trim nails, clean shoes, ironing clothes - that's a sign of respect to him in appearance.

In matters of building relationships with men esteem almost the first thing that is needed for a normal family life. A woman should always clearly understand that if she does not respect herself, man will not respect her even more! Derogatory, contemptuous attitude does not deserve a single person, regardless of talent, skills and other contingent merits. Therefore, any dismissive attitude characterizes a person down with the lowly side.

People who can not respect themselves, can not fully respect the other. may bow to fear, but not respect. If a person does not see its own values, self-esteem, it can see and appreciate it in others?

Respect yourself - means a notice that conscious of how valuable and important. The easiest and most affordable way to learn to respect themselves and others - stop comparing. After all, live, respecting themselves and others, much easier and happier.

Author: Elizabeth Pravikova
Photos in the preview: Anka Zhuravleva



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