How to stay awake at work =)

Pharmaceutical way
Buy stimulants: Echinacea tincture of Eleutherococcus, "Negrustin." All this is carefully mixed with five teaspoons of "Nescafe", drink boiled water.
Disadvantage: tasteless; will be breaking.

Wash with ice water. After 15 minutes again. Further, as needed. In the end, locked in a closet, and you can take a nap.
Disadvantage: The door will open, and you vzdryuchat.

Gently flatten the two clips. Obtained wires to fix the eyes in the open state. Try not to blink. As flexion - to change the wire.
Disadvantage: hurt.

Loudly sing cheerful life-affirming songs.
Disadvantage: less tired colleagues can not understand; your singing they quickly stop, and you vzdryuchat.

Go to the head, sit on his desk and demand an immediate pay raise, own office and four-week vacation.
Disadvantage: a dream can be gone for a long time.

Do not drink the night before sleep at home in the morning for breakfast, do exercises.
Disadvantage: The meaning of life is lost.

Disadvantage: firstly, vzdryuchat, and secondly, where do we get so much work to do not sleep all day?


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