5 ways to fall asleep faster

1. No screens
Try not to look at the screen for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Since it stimulates the brain and sleep will become much more difficult. The exception may be screens that use the technology of e-ink (like Kindle), but the screen with backlight should be avoided.
2. Read
Reading books before bedtime is a great way to fall asleep. It is a proven and very relaxing way that really works. A good book will help you.

3. Dim lights
Try to remove all sources of bright light in your bedroom. Bright light prevents the production of melatonin in the brain — the hormone responsible for sleep. Also light stimulates your brain, and what it more, the more you will need time to doze off. My advice is to put the dimmers, so you can change the intensity of lighting in your bedroom.
4. Distract yourself
When you distract yourself with something boring to fall asleep much easier. Here's what you can do: count backwards from 200 in 3. It means you think: 197, 194, 191, and so on. At the end of the day, it is quite a difficult task, but at the same time and pretty boring so it works. Distracting yourself so you turn off your mind which allows you to sleep.
5. Hot tub

The old method is to take a hot bath. Just remember that it will take at least an hour before you go to bed. The best temperature is about 38 degrees and above and you need to spend at least 20 minutes to take effect.

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