7 Secrets of a perfect order in the closet

Proper storage of things in the closet - is an art in our time. Clothes always a lot, and in a little closet space.

Website will reveal some secrets of how to store things that they have not lost their novelty and did not fill all the space in the dressing room.

Getting rid of unnecessary things h3>

The first loop through the clothes you no longer wear. "I wore this skirt 5 years ago, maybe even ever will wear" - such excuses are not accepted. After all, you're talking about 5 years, and this skirt is not remembered. By the way, does not necessarily throw out old things, because one can do a lot of interesting items of decoration. For example, sew cover on a chair or a blanket from scraps of fabric. It will take some time, but the result will make you happy.

Seasonal storage h3>

Autumn leaves, winter comes. It's time to go through things and to remove those that soon will not be used. They can hide under the bed or lay down in a basket and put on the shelf in the closet verhnuyuyu. Sometimes seasonal items stored in the pantry or in the suitcases that can perform several functions - to decorate the interior, to act as a coffee table and serve as a roomy storage.

Smart sorting h3>

Smart sorting can quickly orientate themselves in that and where is. There are several types of distribution of things: the color, the type of material, "top and bottom" (on the upper shelves - T-shirts and sweaters, and the bottom on the bar - skirts and pants).

Little Helpers h3>

Hangers with clothespins, transparent containers and baskets help you to organize storage and save space in the closet. For convenience, you can sign or cell containers and hang them cute labels with the words "socks", "tights" and others.

Storage shoes and handbags h3>

Each pair of footwear and bags must have their place in the closet. Boots and shoes are best kept on the bottom shelf. For convenience, you can build a small bar on which to hang the boots. Since shoes are not out of shape. For bags can also select the top shelf. Accessories not to get crushed, is to fill them with paper.

Keeping things in drawers h3>

It's no secret that the drawers are not always perfect order. In order to facilitate their cleaning and accommodate as many clothes in the closet, you need to gently twist things and put them in an upright position. As separators can be used cardboard partitions, tubes, which sometimes remain after shopping. So convenient to store underwear, T-shirts, socks and scarves.

How to keep the freshness of clothes h3>

Before folding knitted woolen garments in the closet, they should be aired, and better outdoors. By submitting knitted things for seasonal storage, they must be washed, aired and put in plastic bags. Periodically ventilate the cabinet and all the things that they are not delayed by the smells of perfume and perspiration.

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