6 tricks to cleaning a closet, which became hits. What could be better!

The advent of heat — a great time to change your way of life, getting rid of clutter not only in brain but also in the wardrobe. You can get hats and glasses, to hang dresses and light blouses. And that this was a place in the Cabinet should be away to remove winter coats, jackets, boots and winter sports equipment. But how to find a place for them? Very simply! Tell as capital to clean the Cabinet during the change of season.

Storage tidynode order in the closet
  1. Preparation

    Before you hang clothes in the closet, bring it in order. Dirty things in the wash, fur — always dry-cleaned. Check your pockets, clean your clothes from stains, fix a faulty zipper, sew buttons. Twenty seven million two hundred fifty five thousand sixty

  2. Less stuff — more room

    Spread clothes in three piles. The first is things to release. The second thing, which is why very rarely. The third thing that will certainly remain in your closet. Usually after this procedure, women are exempt 2/3 of the Cabinet. Just like this! Sixty million seven hundred ninety two thousand one hundred twenty five

  3. Seasonal clothing

    Coats and coats should be stored in a closet in cloth covers. Don't forget to put the termite tool. It is now no smell of mothballs, so the clothes does not acquire an unpleasant smell. Sweaters and knits can be Packed in vacuum bags. They take up little space in the wardrobe and protect clothes from moisture and dust. You can also use a variety of cardboard and plastic boxes. Bottom put heavy things on top and lighter for better air circulation.

    Fifty seven million three hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred ninety

  4. Sort

    Go to the most difficult stage of sorting. We need to fold and hang things in groups. There are several ways to do it. Seasonable. Divide all things by the seasons: winter to winter, summer to summer.

    By type. Hang things of the same type next: pants to pants, dresses to dresses.

    By color. You can distribute according to the color criterion, all the contents of the wardrobe.

    On the occasion. For work, for sports, for special occasions, for the home.

    Fifty eight million one hundred thirty four thousand nine hundred seven

  5. Best hangers

    It's time to hide our treasures in the closet. To hang clothes use the same hangers. So everything is on one level and will not stick out in different directions. And remember one important rule: hangers must be the same width apart as you! If you have wire hangers, you should immediately get rid of them. Shoulders they droop, the fabric is torn, it appears tight, and rust. It is also worth to throw out grandma's wooden hangers are bulky and obscure. The perfect solution: a hanger of good wood or plastic.

    Thirty six million nine hundred seventy thousand three

  6. Pleasant aroma

    Put in clothes scented sachet. It can be found in any store or make your own. The pouch can be filled with dried herbs, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, natural plant extracts. Sixty one million seven hundred four thousand thirty one

Go clean a closet! Free your space of unnecessary things and organize your closet as comfortable as possible.

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