10 reasons to be happy

People who go through life with confidence, combines a special look at the world. They are happy not only because they are, still smiling fortune, but because they have developed habits that allow them to stay on the horse and easy to deal with difficulties and setbacks.

So, happy people:

1. It is not interested in what others think of them. Their position was perfectly expressed by Coco Chanel: "I do not care what you think of me, because I do not think about you at all." We used to depend on other people's opinions, but around us a great many people, and everyone has their own point of view. In what may become the life of each of us, if we try to please everyone? You do what you think is necessary. Perhaps your actions are wrong, but this is your experience, and it is priceless. Everyone likes self-confident, independent people who have a clear stance. Be a man and go through life with dignity, but do not look each time in search of approval or condemnation of others.

2. Able to see the situation from the outside. You can not have no-one wins, no definitive defeats. So the best thing - to remain neutral. It is not easy, but it is worth to learn. If you follow Chinese wisdom, the right thing the one who will look at your life aloof - just like a monkey sitting on a mountain top watching a fight between two tigers. Some of us must remain the very same monkey, dispassionately observe the life of the part. This allows us to make the right decisions and not to waste power where and fight something you should not get involved.

3. Do not torment yourself regret. Missed opportunities, failing eternal love, deceit friend who had foolishly trusted deepest secrets ... We all tend to something to regret, but there is nothing more than an empty and useless. "Regret should not last more than five minutes, - says American psychologist Olaf Miner. - Plunging into samoedstvo, you lose not only time but also a huge amount of vital energy. " A missed opportunity not to return, but stop smearing tears and analyze the cause of the failure will be an excellent choice.

4. They know how to thank you. And it's not thanks to duty, and the one that comes from the heart. Thanks able to create our life is a miracle, and the point here is this: when we give thanks, we do not focus on what we have, and that is, as such, as it is known, attracts like. Be grateful - and thanks in advance, even for what has not happened yet. And every night before bed certainly remember at least five reasons to say thank you to life.

5. cherish a sense of novelty. Having achieved something, we rejoice in this very short time, and then leave us a sense of novelty. But it is necessary to cling to the hands and feet. Memorize and "anchor" the moments of his triumph. Joyous events have become a generator of your future victories, so again and again brings to mind and relive all shades of happy emotional states. To set new goals and achieve them - that's fine. But very often in pursuit of the fact that yet, we do not have time to fully enjoy what is already there. This is what makes us unhappy.

6. Are able to laugh at themselves. The irony - a great quality. But if a person can be ironic in relation to himself, he was invincible. Psychologists believe that self-irony - a sign of a developed intellect. The ability to laugh at yourself is characteristic only of a strong spirit and mind to people who above all prejudices, it is directly associated with cheerfulness and optimism.

7. Living "in the hold of today." So simple and brilliantly formulated one of the habits of happy people American psychologist Dale Carnegie. People living under the yoke of past mistakes, shortcuts and negative experiences on the one hand, and a fear of failure in the future - on the other hand, do not live at all. They are more like fresh-frozen zombies. They are paralyzed by fear, and they are not able to understand that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, only today. For example, you decide to become leaner in the spring and go on a diet. Past experience says: "Nonsense, nothing happens - you're already was taken a year ago and threw. Should I start again? ". Negative experience echoes the fear of the future, "Now, I'll start, but how much I've had enough? Still I tear through the week! ". But the past is past, and the future has not come. Therefore, sank his teeth into it "here and now" - and then you realize that all you can.

8. Never stop learning. Books, travel, new hobbies, foreign languages, the desire to know the world and never cease to be surprised any 8 or 80 years - is another wonderful habit of happy people, because that's what allows them to realize themselves.

9. Never envy. We used to compare myself with others and relate their success with the success of others. The healthy competition there is nothing wrong, but more often it develops into a sense of dissatisfaction with himself and jealousy towards people more successful. Meanwhile, in the world there is only one person with whom you can compare yourself - is you, but in the past. And if today you have become just a little better than yesterday - and you are the winner has the right to be jealous himself.

10. Choose friends wisely. Robert Greene in his excellent book "The 48 Laws of Power," writes: "someone else's misery and misfortune can be detrimental to you - emotional states as contagious as diseases. You may feel that you are acting nobly and saving a drowning man, but often poor themselves bring down evil upon themselves - and they bring upon them and for you. It is important to distinguish between the people who really need help, and those who by their actions, thoughts and actions from time to time call for trouble on his head. The most dangerous (and infectious) type - these are people who are always dissatisfied with everything and are accustomed to consider themselves eternal victims. Flee from them like the plague. Communicate with happy - and they will infect you with happiness. Communicate with lavish - and become the same. If you are dark - keep people cheerful ยป.


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