Why is the best medicine - sit-ups, push-ups and exercises for the press?

Professor and Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergei Bubnovsky once literally escaped from the clutches of the disease. Not with medication. He created his own system of healing based not on tablets and on the move, and now puts his feet even hopeless patients.

We publish an excerpt from the interview in which he told the doctor about the most important secret of health and youth - gymnastics.

Use the resources of the organism.

Sooner or later, everyone comes to, to perform the exercises. My patients with serious cardiac disease, start doing exercises on a particular system, surprised the medical phenomena that happens to them.

Of course, the easiest - to swallow the pill of pressure. The most difficult thing - do not swallow, and use the resources of the body to help get rid of constant pressure increase. None of the cardiologist in the world can show me a patient who was cured of hypertension, taking drugs.

And, if you're over 40, the doctor says, "But what can I do, my dear, it's time to get sick!" And prescribes pills. A man drinks and their remarks are not helping! And the money for drugs is not enough. And then he began to read books on alternative medicine, and discovers other medicines - movement, breathing.

Paradoxically, we have children who had the disease, the doctor dismisses the physical education! Why it is considered that the movement of people certainly ill, but lying in bed - will recover. But as you know, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Getting rid of the pain in the joints

In acute pain we put a cold compress, relieves swelling. Pain - this is always swelling, fluid accumulation. And we must do exercises that would have pumped fluid from the joints. And we, instead of to do exercises, pumping this section of the vessel, we go to bed and begin to swallow pills. But I have not seen a single person who "pump out" to lying, swallowing pills.

Patients ask me: "And now all my life to do gymnastics?" And it's like brushing your teeth and wash. Do gymnastics when you came out of the pain of invalidity - fun. For me, the only truly happy hour a day - in the morning when I do gymnastics. Because you do not get older, and get younger. A person regularly, instead of the old cells appear younger.

I have the triad: sit-ups, push-ups, drill press. I met with longevity, artist Boris Yefimov, who lived 108 years. Little was a little old man, zinger! I asked him: "What are you doing to live so long?" "Oh, nothing, - answers - 450 (!) Times a day squat." And it is a universal way to get rid of the blood through the body!

If you every day to squat with your back straight (10 times - a sip of water, 10 times - a sip of water), many problems will disappear. This is especially important for those who have a lot of sitting at the computer - accountants, designers, programmers.

Make it a rule: hours worked - sat 30 times. And it would be good to start with morning cold bath - 5 seconds. And be sure to plunge headlong. You can take and shower, but it's worse. Shower breaks power, bath - collects.


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