It is most useful dessert that you can imagine! The secret ingredient in the main ...

Many children do not like to have cottage
We suggest you try the original and simple recipe for a dessert that resembles the lazy dumplings. Not that children and adults do not even notice that this gentle delicacy made from cottage cheese. One type of solar uplifting dessert and cook it - simple!

Curd solnyshki

500 g of cottage cheese 4 tbsp. l. sugar 2 eggs 6 tablespoons. l. Monkey 2 tbsp. l. flour 250 g canned peaches corn sticks vanilla

Preparation Mix the eggs with the sugar.

In a bowl eruption cottage cheese, semolina, flour, add the eggs and sugar.

Cut the peaches into small pieces, leaving them in a bowl to stack extra juice.

Form balls from the resulting mass. In the middle of a ball Put each piece of peach.

Vari cheese balls in boiling water for 5 minutes Ready balls will be on the surface.

Let the balls to dry, in the meantime, grind corn sticks into powder. Roll the balls in the crumb of corn sticks.

This dessert looks incredibly tender and appetizing. It can be served cold tea or eat immediately after cooking. Let these little "sun" will bring light and joy to your house!

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