He put the spoon in milk. What happened next made me do it all the time!

«And you escaped milk!» em> - said Carlson cartoon Bok to distract her and avoid a severe reprimand. This phrase is initially brought a woman into a panic. Indeed, what could be worse for the mistress than milk that has escaped?

It is said that there are two processes in the kitchen, for which you need to watch closely as possible - it saute onion and boiling milk
What milk does not run away to put the spoon into the pan, as in the photo, zaley milk, and can be boiled.

Second way: put a wooden spoon in the pan with milk. Now it is certainly not run away!

More details can be seen in the video.

All brilliant - just. Now I do it all the time!

Share this brilliant trick for the kitchen with friends. This information - a real salvation for any hostess!

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