"Stop rejecting yourself in some form of"

Avoid any conviction - As a friend and myself. And you tend to constantly blame and blame themselves for problems in the relationship. But self-flagellation has nothing to do with humility. It is a form of rejection of yourself when you deny something good and beautiful that you have or do not attach any importance to this.

If friendships do not add up, your word is rejected, and the gesture of love goes unnoticed, do not lay all the blame on himself. This is not true, which also wounded. Whenever rejecting yourself, you can not help idealize others. You want to be close to those whom you think is better and stronger than himself; with people more intelligent and gifted than yourself. So you put yourself in an emotional dependence on these people, and they were forced to move away due to inability to meet your expectations. Then you blame yourself even more, thus entering into a vicious circle of self-sacrifice and a growing need for approval from people.

Stop rejecting yourself in some form. Acknowledge own weaknesses, but do not forsake their virtues. Live as an equal among equals. Then you will be free from jealousy and excessive requests and can experience a truly mutual love and friendship.

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