12 bad habits that destroy your psyche. Maybe it's time to change something?

Call a bad mood and depression can be a number of factors. The death of a loved one, financial problems, setbacks in his personal life ... Change these things are very difficult, and sometimes, as in the case of the death of someone very expensive - it is impossible. But you can try to tune in each day in a positive way. No matter how hard, if you follow the small details of his behavior, every day will become better than the previous. Think about what you can change and chase away depression!

1. Come walk with his head down

Sly observation, scientists have found that people who used to walk down the shoulders and head down, shoulders hunched and terribly shuffling - more unhappy lovers sprightly gait. Even when the load of troubles and failures presses you to the ground, walk with your head held high. Followed by a couple of days in his stride - and you'll see that it's not as scary as you thought before.

2. Instagram - it's just a tool

Uncontrolled photographing the outside world is very negative impact on mental health. This is due to the fact that the hapless photographer ceases to concentrate on the real things and get pleasure from them. Instead tangible happiness comes only desire to quickly make a picture and post it on the network. Understand that more important than the reality of the virtual space. Everything should be in moderation. Learn relaxed watching the scene without unhealthy impulses immediately to fix the time.

3. Stop being a victim!

Bullies, unfortunately, will haunt you forever. The world is full of uneducated and angry people. What can you do in such a situation? Change your attitude towards bullies. If someone offends or humiliates you on the job, it makes sense not to be silent about it. In the case of offenders with random - a deaf ear to the words that hurt you so.

4. Move

Physical activity reduces the risk of depression. This is due to the fact that during exercise secrete hormones of happiness - endorphins. The more you are mobile, the higher your status harmoniously, the nervous system works steadily. Just get up and come and dance, walk up the stairs on foot, running. This will help you not only keep fit, but also to be satisfied with the life of man.

5. Do not put off until later

Procrastination - a strange word which has now become very popular. It means a person's desire to delay its decision troubling questions and the constant postponement of important matters. Of course, you do not want to do something that seems boring or cause your inner anxiety. But when these things accumulate, they cause terrible stress. Instead of thinking about the upcoming accomplishments, just take it and do it. You will become much less anxious person. And the ease of which you were previously unavailable, will now be with you. It's great to feel that all your planned business completed.

6. Break unhealthy relationship

Very often, people fall into unhealthy, dependent relationships that last for years. Think about it, does that make you happy man next? If he cares about you? He loves you, and only allows himself to love? A relationship in which you are in a depressed position, can poison your whole life. Listen to your inner voice - if you feel that the person next to you and uses a negative impact on your self-esteem, it makes sense to reconsider the need for such relationships. Do not allow others to deprive you of the opportunity to be a happy man.

7. Cry

Humor - the salvation of little disappointments. Stop to take life too seriously. Look cheerful transmission laugh heartily with your friends. Excellent jokers - children, without knowing it, they give funny brilliant replica. The more laughter in your life, the lighter it becomes. Above any problem you can always laugh, and she retreated.

8. Sleep affects everything

Sleep enough. If a person gets enough sleep, he has the strength to live fully. When you have insomnia, for whatever reason - try to get rid of what does not allow you to sleep. Drink soothing herb. Remember that lack of sleep - one of the major causes of depression.

9. Finding time to be alone

The daily routine, family, children, people who are constantly on something you need ... It deprives you the possibility to spend one-on-one with him. Find time for yourself, there are at least half an hour alone in the day. It is very important for a healthy psyche, because only then you will really calm down internally.

10. Choose real communication

Social networks have replaced us happiness real communication. Do not forget that a person is very important to say, and do not send each other text messages. Natural communication needs can be satisfied only during the actual exposure. Make an appointment with friends, hugging, shaking hands and stop to dwell on the number of friends in social networks. It's quite important to have meaning only real connection.

11. Switch off your

Modern gadgets do not leave us alone, day or night, to balance the psyche arranges the moments of peace and quiet, turning off all appliances. You'll see instant results - your anxiety level will drop considerably.

12. Focus on one thing

Multitasking - not always good. Stop distracted by endless reading of the tape, try to fully leave only one thing that you're busy right now. So you'll get the best results and internally will be more calm.

If you take into account at least half written in this article, your life will sparkle with new colors. Worry, anxiety, restlessness, and even easy to win asthenic syndrome, following this logical and rational guidance. Think what you would change in your life, and do it now.

Do not be upset! Let depression forget the way to your house. Share this article with your friends and run immediately for a walk.

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