Do you want to keep the relationship? Then never do that!

How wonderful when people find each other, they live together and die of infinite love in one day. In fairy tales - yes. But you live in a reality in which, in contrast to the bright pages of booklets, not all so smoothly. After all, fairy tales for some reason do not remember that in order to maintain the relationship and, moreover, to build a strong family, oh how you need to try. Yes, even here the golden rule about what easily you will not catch fish from the pond. And efforts should be put in order not to drown in a fit of rage, old insults, jealousy, endless quarrels and scandals. So we picked the top 7 mistakes made love, and that, anyway, in the end lead to a rupture. You recognize yourself in them? Then this is the first sign to sound the alarm.

1. Come check.
This is the first and perhaps the most important rule. Mistrust kills relationship faster than anything else. Remember always: do not read e-mail of his girlfriend. SMS does not check the phone her boyfriend. Do not try to hack his page on the social networks. Enough view that in his favorites in Instagram. And stop digging in the purse of his beloved. Remember the golden rule of childhood: not yours - do not touch! Distrust breeds distrust. If you are in a relationship - trust a person who is with you. How much can you suspect mate of all mortal sins, because "your ex used to do." Come follow the beloved. This is, firstly, is harmful to health, and secondly, only spoil everything.

2. Enough jealous.
You're jealous of her future husband every time he was going for a beer with friends for lunch with a colleague, or just catch up with old friends? Consider the vivid examples. Let the boss invited your boyfriend to an important meeting in the evening. Do you think he would risk from you to explain where he was going so late, knowing that it will only cause another "scene"? No! But what if you already start to sort things out with his girlfriend when she only said hello to a former classmate. Do you think she will trust you in the future? No! Keep calm. If you can not do anything with jealousy, try the following: Talk to your partner, what exactly are you jealous, and try to find the cause. You'll be surprised at how timely help to talk in relations.

3. Be careful with the arguments in the dispute.
You both know the secrets and weaknesses of each other like no other. But anger is almost impossible to control themselves, so often you throw the words, touching the most vulnerable places of the partner. And then for a long time about this regret. Try to look into the matter. Try to understand each other - struggle with this problem together. And never, never dare not use other people's vulnerabilities as a weapon in times of conflict.

4. Stop remembering old grievances and wounds.
You think that remembering hurtful words that you have dropped each other during an argument three months ago, will help solve the problem today? And for good reason. Trying to nurture a Man, reminding him as he was late in the year on the birthday of your dad? Hardly come. Remember: the transfer of old grudges - the first threat to the relationship, which acts like a time bomb. Let go of the past, do not let old grudges resurface.

5. Do not give in to emotions!
Never give in to emotions - in the end you will become their hostage, threatening its second half in divorce, or something worse than murder or suicide. Do not hit defiantly dishes in a fit of anger, do not throw his things out the window, do not tell all general familiar with what a "monster" live. All this will certainly lead to the breakdown of relationships, and even kill nerve cells. It's worth it?

6. I can not stand all the "garbage" out of the house.
How often people try to translate the private to the public. Quarrels with loved ones? Not necessarily because of that snotty status update on social networks that the love-pain, your heart is broken forever, life is unfair, and why all this happens only with you. Everyone knows who you devote to it. If you have a claim against a specific person - cause her to know it in person. Not to spread their "dirty laundry" to the Internet - and so it there a dime a dozen. Tell the person how you feel, right in the eye.

7. Stop thinking that the other person - that's all you need in life.
Yes, of course, beautiful, poetic and romantic, when the songs you hear something in the manner of "you all that I have," "without you I do not live", "all I need - just you" and other. But this is wrong. You have no right to say that your happiness depends on the other person: it is a huge burden on him. You can have different interests with your boyfriend, you do not have to love everything together. Not necessarily you and do things together. It is not even normal. Whether full-fledged person, regardless of the words, attitudes, interests, second half: that's exactly what he once loved.

It goes without saying that all of these tips - not a panacea for all the quarrels and conflicts in relationships. However, stop repeating the same mistakes, you can save what is really expensive. Psychologists say that if a person does something for 21 days in a row, it starts to get in the habit. Try to apply these rights in practice, and you will see that your relationship will move to a new level. Let experimental three weeks will begin for you today!

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