30 useful things that will make you like the Kitchen

Tired peel onions, shedding crocodile tears? Meat and vegetables are cut into rough pieces, and the yolk does not want to be separated from the protein? Enough tolerating this! For these and other cases, brilliant people have long found a solution, and it's time to see them.

1. Serve the pie is now much easier than before. And most importantly - no one will complain about the smallest piece.

http://ax-d.pixfuture.net/w/1.0/afr?auid=538125168&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE video> 2. The indispensable thing for fans of baking apple filling

3. Charming holders for cover. Boiling water is no longer so easy to escape

4. No, it's not a huge chesnokodavilku. It kartoshkodavilka:) for delicate puree as a child with his grandmother.

5. Positive and easy to use egg separator. B>

6. Miracle-opener for all that you can think of: cans, canned food, and most importantly - beer

7. And this device will make a perfect sauce or gravy, separating fat

8. Special nozzle to protect your fingers from the knife. As you can see, the poor girl is very worried.

9. apron with a towel that easily otstegnet when it will need to wash. Brilliant

10. If you do not like to feel the surgeon sews up the patient on the operating table while cooking stuffed birds use here are pins.

11. Cut vegetables can now be fully automated ...

12. ... Or is it a little effort

13. Salad can now be prepared in just one click

14. This little helper hold a spatula for you

15. And this infrared mini-oven - a great alternative to the microwave

16. Additional shelves to not load the oven for ten times

17. In such gloves to wash potatoes and other vegetables is much easier

18. The meat will now always sliced ​​neat neat pieces

19. If the mixer is busy doing something else, that's come to the aid of such an electric whisk

20. Dimensional set of cups and spoons. Convenient as ever. B>

21. This handle will easily shift the whole bird on a dish from the oven

22. This unpretentious-looking design will allow in one motion peel and cut garlic

23. The Special container for baking will bring the cake from the grandmother lossless

24. And this piece of plate expertly roast a bird to you

25. The concept is simple

26. For important dinners when you do not want to lose face in front of guests

27. Press cookie. Children will love

28. Universal cover that will fit any pan

29. Meat thermometer, which is synchronized with your smartphone

30. And finally - a flask, which can be alone in the kitchen, having run away from pesky relatives

: Fishki.net


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