Vegetarianism and raw food diet.

Today, many people give up eating animal foods, with some completely switching to vegetarian food, and others - partially. In the case of partial transition to the menu there are products such as yogurt, milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese and other dairy products.

Switching to vegetarian food vegetarianism called that on more justified ethical convictions. Thus, vegetarians are true animal lovers and oppose their destruction. Today, almost every country there are special restaurants that serve only vegetarian food.

And from a practical and a theoretical point of vegetarianism - a healthy lifestyle, where the raw food diet is not the last. It should be noted that raw food - a kind of vegetarians, which excludes the use of thermally treated products. In short, when raw food a person eats only raw foods of plant origin. This system provides power on the human body positive influence, as under the influence of vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables, more active vital processes.

Excessive consumption of meat products is fraught with many adverse consequences for the person. For meat-eaters threatens to obesity, high blood pressure, aggression, increased cholesterol and more.


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