20 principles of life of the most successful man in China. The right way to success!

Meet, is Ma Yun. Or Jack Ma, as it is called in the Western manner. This is a person on their own amassed a huge capital and is now the richest man in China. And he was born in a modest family of musicians and my life had to try several professions. Some time Ma Yun worked as an English teacher at the school, was a petty officer, but then fully realized the potential of the Internet.

Jack Ma founded the largest company Alibaba Group, which operates in the field of e-commerce and is comparable with such giants as eBay or Amazon.

In life, Jack Ma had many ups and downs, but he is constantly moving towards its goal and is now deservedly was on top. Today, he shares his experience and gives 20 tips on how to achieve success.

Your duty is to be more diligent, work harder and have more ambitions than others.

The worst quality for an entrepreneur: to be a snob, not be able to adequately assess the situation, take a high pace and not be able to support it, does not have the ability to look ahead.

Only having experienced setbacks, difficult life situation and disappointment, you can understand that many points should be flexible.

Rather than introduce some minor chips and stunts, will focus on the stability and long-term plans.

In 2001, I made a mistake. I explained to the employees, which founded the company that limit career in the company for them - level managers. I thought that I need to find professionals on the side. Over the years, none of the professionals hired by the company is not working, but those in whom I doubted perfectly fulfill the role of vice-presidents and even higher.

In this entrepreneur has no enemies. As soon as you understand it, no one will stop you. B>

Only fools use his mouth to speak. Smart says head wise - hearted.

If the meeting 90% of those present vote positively for a particular sentence, I throw it in the trash. The reason is simple: if all these people are so clearly see this opportunity, then, most likely, is working on this and many other companies, we will not belong to the lead in this.

The number one for the entrepreneur - are clients. Number two - the staff. And then, number three - the shareholders.

competition is like a game of chess. If you lose, you can always play another round. And not necessarily to fight.

If your competitor is less than you or is too weak, it is necessary to treat him as an equal. And if your competitor is much more than you, then you should not be afraid of him.

As a partner, you have to find someone who complements your skills. He does not have to be someone successful.

If you fall into a depression regularly and frequently complain of life, it becomes similar to alcohol - the more you drink, the harder it is to stop. On your way to success you will notice that successful people do not complain and whine.

When you start your business, it means that you refuse a stable income, sick and annual bonuses.

On the other hand, your income is not limited by anything. You'll make better use of your time and you do not have to ask permission from others.

In these simple words contain great wisdom, following which Ma Yun sverhuspeshnyh managed to become a man. If you liking this truth everyday, be sure to share them with your friends.

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