15 differences between successful people from the losers, who can explain it

Dream of professional and personal success? Then find out what really distinguishes successful people from those for whom success remains a dream! Never thought why some struggle and success was not long in coming, while others about him we can only dream?

5sfer.comWebsite publishes a list of the differences between successful people from unsuccessful proposed by David Kerpen, author of New York Times bestseller, reading that you'll understand the reason for such a development.

Meet changes with open arms vs. Afraid to change to adapt to the changes is one of the most difficult tasks faced by people. The modern world is developing at rapid pace. And not to get lost in it and become successful, you need to accept the changes, adapting to them, and do not fear, avoid, or hide from them.

Wish others success vs. Secretly hope others will fail, the Success of any organization is directly dependent on the success of each of its members. Therefore, in order to succeed, you need to want to contribute to the success of colleagues. If you wish them failure and failure, why do you work with them?

Radiate joy vs. Exude anger in business and life it is always better to be happy and to share joy with others. It becomes infectious and causes others to do the same. And happy people are more focused on your business and more successful. If the man is overcome with anger, he infects her with others, resulting in a horrible, unmotivated mood, which contributes little to success.

Take responsibility for their mistakes vs. Blame others for their own mistakes So where there are UPS there are always downs. To be a leader and successful businessman means to always take responsibility for your own failures. The fact that you have someone to blame for my failure, will not solve anything. You'll just humiliate the other person, nothing good achieving.

Talking about ideas vs. Talking about people That we all learned probably in high school? The fact that gossip is no good we will not. In most cases this is not true and often something negative. Instead of gossiping about people, successful people talk about ideas. They share ideas with others, making better both themselves and others.

Share information and data vs. Hiding information and data As we were taught in kindergarten — share — means to make friends". In any field the exchange of knowledge and information is one of the key sources of success. Sharing data and information with others, you simultaneously involve them in what you do, making them also interested in success. Concealment of information is very selfish and short-sighted decision.

Recognize the participation of others in its merits vs. Attribute to themselves the merit of others teamwork and collaborative efforts is key to success. Working with other people, don't try to take credit for their achievements. Let them enjoy their own victories and successes that motivate them for the long term, making them more efficient, which ultimately will contribute to your success.

Set goals and life plans vs. Set goals You can't be successful without knowing where in life you are aiming for. Tentative vision of life — plan for 10 years, a forecast for three years, the annual strategy, daily goals is a useful tool of successful people. Fix your vision own life and goals on paper!

Store calendar vs. Say they are waging a diary, but actually do not Maintain the diary is a great way of fixing the thoughts, suddenly attending your head. Writing next, highlight your mind idea, you will be able to return to it, adding some new details, until it grow into something more.

Read every day vs. Watching TV every day Daily reading develops vision and intelligence. No matter what you read, blog, favorite magazine or a good book — either way you gain knowledge. Watching TV, on the other hand, great entertainment and distraction from reality, but from the TV you rarely will be able to get something that will contribute to your success.

Operate from the point of view of the transformation of vs. Operate from a transactional perspective, the Leaders focused on transformation, doing everything possible to achieve success on a new level. They focused on team building, motivation, cooperation with other organizations. They are constantly looking ahead, trying to understand how you can change yourself and others instead of thinking only about how to increase sales or to obtain additional profit.

Constantly trained vs. The pants sit Continuous learning and self improvement is the only way of development and growth. You can be a step above their competitors and at the same time become more flexible, because you know more. Just sitting here, you may miss opportunities, without which your success will be impossible.

Praise others vs. Criticize others Praise is always a good way to show that you care. Praise and positive feedback have an excellent ability to charge people with energy. In addition, it is an act of kindness that will make you feel better as well. Criticism, on the other hand, creates negativity, and no good does not.

Forgive others vs. To hold a grudge Everyone makes mistakes. It is a natural trait of human nature. The only way to experience them is to forgive the man and move on. Secret resentment only worsens the situation. And for you.

Grateful vs. Don't appreciate others and the world around them Moments of gratitude transformerait people's lives, making it more successful and happy. The people to whom you feel gratitude, often are people who are largely responsible for your success. Do not forget to thank all with whom you come in contact and try to feel the spirit of gratitude and begin to appreciate the world around them. Gratitude is the final key to success in business and in life.

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