News Outdoor is launching a national advertising campaign

Moscow, July 12, 2007 - News Outdoor Russia in the framework of the new development strategy launches an advertising campaign for the change of image.
As described in the company's website on July 3, the company officially unveiled its new branch ideology and a new corporate identity, which developed the studio Direct Design. Change style touched all the attributes of News Outdoor: from documents and presentation materials to form working service. The advertising campaign that accompanies the launch of the renewed brand, unveiled News Outdoor public. Placement of outdoor advertising is held in 37 cities across the country to more than 1,700 faces of different formats. In addition, the launch of the new brand is accompanied by advertising support in the trade press and on specialized websites. The entire advertising campaign will run for two months: July and August.

Wide coverage of the campaign - the result of a new strategy News Outdoor, re-determine for themselves the ultimate audience of their services. The company focuses its attention on the person, and all actions aimed at News Outdoor is to create a comfortable accommodation and information urban environment. This vision is reflected in the company's new slogan "Attention to people - people's attention».

Before the advertising campaign has two objectives - to acquaint residents with that part of the work News Outdoor, which affects the creation of a comfortable urban environment, and, in addition, show advertisers the tools possessed by the company for the successful solution of problems of communication brands.

For this it was created two kinds of posters. One - the first part of the slogan - "attention to the people" - with figures of how many useful objects townspeople established company. Another - "people's attention" - with the number of advertising spaces and cities, which offers its clients News Outdoor. When placing posters on the streets using the paired principle: two posters with the slogan both parts are placed in close proximity to the slogan was read completely.

Natalya Semina, director of corporate communications at News Outdoor Russia:
"Traditionally, communications News Outdoor has used the media industry. Now that we are ready for dialogue with society and understand their role in people's lives, we have decided to expand the area of ​​brand presence News Outdoor. Therefore, from the perspective of their own communications, we literally go out to the streets and it is important to citizens - is the audience for which advertisers come to us - we know about our role in the creation of modern urban information environment. We do a lot for the city - are engaged in the installation and maintenance stops and benches are planted flower beds, developing navigation systems, conduct social campaigns. Our effort is to create a harmonious visual information urban environment. As a result, we expect that the loyalty of the people to increase outdoor advertising, and as a result, increase its effectiveness ».

Leonid Feigin, creative director of Direct Design:
"To solve both problems facing advertising campaign - to reveal the basic principles of the new positioning of News Outdoor and show how the advertising message has to work outdoors in an urban environment - we decided to create the most simple solution. For this slogan was divided into two parts, and each illustrate examples of how the company has the attention of the people and how - it attracts their attention. The simplicity of the composition, bright colors and large fonts help message does not get lost in the city streets, to stand, to convey the basic idea, and at the same time demonstrate how the outdoor advertising as a means of communication ».

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