An incredible love story of two photographers

Album two lovers who never vstrechalis.Aaron - young and creative photographer who lives in America. Rosie is also a photographer, but living in the UK. By accident, they noticed each other on the Internet. Young people began to closely monitor the work of each other, which resulted in mutual sympathy. And then there was a simply incredible thing lovers do come up with a joint photograph, while at the same time for the 7000 kilometers apart.

Rosie pictures of themselves and send the results to Aaron, who picked up the light, color, interior theme picture Rosie, "gum up" her frame with your photo and create a single collage.

"This is our first co-image, even though we never saw each other. Soon I will be the happiest girl ».

The result is such that the guess that these young people are not together, it was almost impossible. "We decided to create a world where we can be together. In these photos we are so close, as if we were a real couple. So we can express our love for each other, "- wrote in his blog, guys.

"Someone asked me today, as I and Aaron cope with the distance. In the end, 4500 miles too far ... But to be honest, I did not even notice it. Every night when we were talking on the phone, we fall asleep together. And I'm counting down the moments when he turns to me, and we sleep on the same pillow ».

"I think that we will soon meet again, and that we are now closer than ever. Every night I feel that it is next to me, and not through the thousands of kilometers of wire telephone lines. We are almost together, and it's the most incredible feeling in the world! »

"It's been two months since we became dependent on each other, and I fell in love head over heels».

"This should be our first kiss».

"We made this picture, based on my bedroom. All this took about 2, 5 hours, but the result is simply magical. We are so close and yet so far ».

"I never needed someone so much in my whole life, and now I feel so helpless. I never loved so unconditionally, Aaron loves me. He's the most wonderful man on this earth. I want to you ».

"I'm so glad that we finally see you soon, and very excited in front of our upcoming meeting».

The story she told Rosie, quickly sold over the internet and photography lovers received a lot of responses. After 9 months, 5 of these relationships they meet in England on Valentine's Day.

"When I went to meet with Aaron at the airport this morning, I was very excited and constantly nervous. And when I saw him among the passengers of the aircraft flown, then I began to worry. At this point, I was approached by an old woman and asked if I really Rosie Hardy. "Damn it, I was again deceived," - I thought. Then she explained that she was sitting next to Aaron during the voyage, and that it will be really fun with each other. She also said that due to the fact that he has a lot of baggage to and from the fact that he could not explain what came to England, he was detained at customs. I am terribly scared!

At this very moment, Aaron snuck up behind me and took me in his arms! It was just great! Our story has only just begun! »

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