Steep advertising from Russia

the Day advertiser Website remembered best examples of advertising from Russia, which can be gorditsyaV our country, there are many interesting solutions in the outdoor and print advertising. Although the performance is sometimes "lame", and ideas do not always have an original, such advertising is definitely a model of Russian creativity in outdoor and print advertising, introducing diversity into a series of similar billboards and causing consumer interest and a smile.

Among the presented Russian advertising has a bright winner of the most prestigious advertising festival "Cannes Lions", there is competition works and concepts, scandalous events, viral and social campaigns the past 10 years.

Architectural Museum. Schuseva

The agency Saatchi & Saatchi Russia

Unique rock shelter in advertising sobak

Humanity advertising from the agency G2 Russia

Tend chteniem

Advertising agency SLAVA. More prints and movie here

Impressive social advertising of Izhevska

Forced officials to work

Pit with portraits of politicians from the Republic of Armenia "Voskhod»

Eksmo "Read not harmful - harmful not read"

Competitive work

ISP "Spark"

MTS "good move"

Advertising agency BBDO Moscow

CSKA "football war"

It could be your telo

Nizhny Novgorod, Creative Agency [Anbelivbl] + Nomerz


Voronezh. The design and the idea was conceived in the advertising department of the company.

Sell ​​brus

TRIA "Troika»

Day dozor

Silhouettes of people became visible only at night when colorful lights. Creative - studio "ORT Design».

Does not matter?! "The garbage is the house"

AMK Znamenka + News Outdoor

Makrofix «Nails in the past"

Creative Art-Com / WP

Advertise book magazina

Excerpts from the classical works printed on air fresheners. Creative RA «Sunrise»

So that's working for whom Yandex!

Poster invented by employees of the Russian search engine

Snickers «you - not you, when hungry"

Advertising agency BBDO Moscow

Car alarm Clifford

Advertising agency «Hippo»

Tomato billboard Calve

Agency Media Instinct

Severe advertising lighter

Bryansk mortgage kompaniya

Million reasons to read "Vedomosti"

Men's fragrance Davidoff Champion

The magazine "Russian Newsweek»


Advertising agency BBDO Moscow


Ahmad Tea «Tea Party»

StreetArt Yekaterinburg together with the Moscow team ZukClub

Chocolate Alpen Gold

The agency Ogilvy & Mather

Does not matter?! "Your child is a blank sheet"

Advertising agency Y & R Moscow + News Outdoor


Peugeot Logo trampled on the sidelines of the Kaluga region. Agency Brandworks.

Eksmo "Read the book - whether the person"

Advertising agency Y & R Moscow

Kia Cerato

The car moved slowly up and down the front of the shopping center "European", scoring a soccer ball into the goal.

Drunk - not plant

In autumn 2009, a giant bottle of a height of 12 meters, filled with wrecked cars, been installed on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. Advertising agency Zavod

Advertising chteniya


Advertising agency «Instinct»

Drill zemlyu

Agency: Crazytive

Council passazhiram

Wild Wild Raid

It is masterpiece, but not yet implemented advertising idea and Alexander Stroganov Stanislav Ilyin

No one is forgotten? Congratulations, my friends!

The legendary slogans of the Russian advertising

The history of print advertising in Russia



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