22 useful things that will make your day better

Sitting in the office 9:00 row, not everyone can, and to somehow make things easy, you can buy yourself one of these items, which might be the real salvation.

Website brought to you things that can make our lives a drop of better and more comfortable.

Hammock for the feet under the working stolom

For serious, but a bit lazy people.

Mug, which itself stirs soderzhimoe

Do you know how much time a person usually spends, stirring tea or coffee? We do not know, but the circle is clearly save your time!

Warmer mugs "cookies"


Because to go to the cooler taaaaaak dalekoooooo.

Mini vacuum cleaner for stola

It connects directly to the USB.

Laser klaviatura

The expression "knock fingers on the table," takes on new meaning.

Stapler, which does not require skrepok

In developing the model, which does not need a man.

Cushion "sleep-where-everything"


If the cushion is not enough - here is a take matras

Do not be afraid to dream.

Velcro, which is no problem cleanse klaviaturu

Office chair / gym shar

And stretch your bones and improve posture.

Personal refrigerator at work stole

No one would dare steal your yogurt again.

Clothespin-holder kruzhki

To circle did not occupy precious space. Well, seven or mugs.

Waterproof klaviatura

Easy to clean, the same can not bathe, if you spill water on it.

Underbench simulator-pedali

Pedal until the new draft did not give!

Table punching grusha

Sometimes you just need to blow off steam.

The box, which will not charge zaputatsya


The eternal problem of the white man.

Frame that will make your favorite
Photo little veselee

And a little to the east.

Warming bags for ruk

Our mimimetr broken!

Table humidifier vozduha

Now healed!

Digital glazok

21, all the works!

Rescue pedal

It connects to your PC. When you minimize all unwanted programs and applications. You see the boss - presses the pedal - profit!

Finally, ETO

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