30 things you should start doing right now

today - is the starting point of something new. And that is the future was amazing, here is a list of 30 things to start doing for themselves.

Spend time with suitable people for this. These are the people who are pleasant to you, who love and appreciate you, beneficial impact on you. They are the ones who make you feel the taste of life who not only accepts you for who you are, but also embodies something that you want to be.

Meet the challenges with his head. You talk about not only the problem, but how you react to them and how you solve them. Problems do not go away, until you start to act. Do what you can when you can, and Be aware of what you are doing. These are small steps in the right direction, inch by inch. In the end, these inches added in yards and miles.

Be honest in everything with them. To be honest, what is right and what is required to change. To be honest, what you want to accomplish and who you want to become. Always be honest in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. Because you are the only person, who can always count on. Seek the truth in his heart, so you know exactly who you are. When you do this, you can better understand where you are and how to get here.

Put your own happiness in the very first place. Your needs are important. If you do not value yourself, you do not take care of yourself, do not protect yourself, you harm yourself well. Remember that it is possible to take into account their own needs while caring for others. And when your needs are met, you will have more opportunities to help those who need it.

Be a true and proud of it. Trying to be someone else harm that person that you are. Be yourself. Use the one who is within you - his ideas, strengths, charm, which do not have anyone else. Be the way you yourself know, an improved version of himself, on his own terms. First of all, be yourself to yourself. If you can not, you do not work with others.

Note the present and live it. right now - it is an amazing thing. Right now - this is the only moment that you are guaranteed to have. Life goes on right now. Stop thinking about the great achievements in the future. Stop living by what happened or did not happen in the past. Learn to be here and now. Live what is happening now. Be thankful for the beauty of the world, he brings you into the present moment.

Appreciate lessons to get through their mistakes. errors - this is normal, they are evidence of progress. If you occasionally will not fail, you will not try and learn. Risks to stumble, fall and then rise again and try. You appreciate what you move, learn, grow and cultivate. Significant achievements necessarily occur at the end of a long road mishaps. One of the "errors" that you fear can be a bridge to your greatest achievements.

Be more polite towards themselves. If you had a friend who spoke to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself how long you would be enough for friendship with such a man? The way you feel about yourself, setting an example to others. You have to love yourself for who you are, like no other.

Enjoy the fact that you already have. The problem with many of us is that we believe that we will be happy only when you reach a certain level in life. The level at which there are others: your boss in his authoritative study, some one some of your friends who owns a villa on the coast ... As a result, you will spend a lifetime working on something new, not stopping for to enjoy what you have now. Therefore, select a calm moment in the morning, right when you wake up, to appreciate what you have already achieved and what you already have.

Build your own happiness. If you are expecting that someone else will make you happy, then you do it for nothing. Smile, because you can do it. Choose happiness. Be yourself the change that you want to see in the world. Be happy with who you are now, and let your positive attitude to reality inspires your tomorrow.

Give the chance to their ideas and dreams. In life it rarely comes to that, to get a chance, we are talking about how to take advantage of this chance. You will never be 100% sure that you will succeed, but you can be 100% sure that nothing will happen if nothing is done. And you just have to take the time to strive for this chance! It does not matter which side will turn everything then, everything always ends up the way it should have ended. Or you will succeed or you learn something. Either way, you win.

Believe that you are ready for the next step. You are ready! Think about it. You already have everything you need for a small step forward. Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you, do not hide from the problem - it is a gift that helps you to grow.

make new relationships with people when it's worth doing. to establish relationships with reliable honest people who are a reflection of the person who you are or want to be. Choose friends, acquaintances with whom you are proud of, people who admire that apply to you with love and respect, people who respond to your kindness with kindness and interest.

Let new people a chance. It sounds unpleasant, but you will not be able to maintain friendship with everyone who was your friend. People and priorities change. Some relationships come to naught, there are others. Appreciate the possibility of new relationships, getting naturally from those that no longer work. Trust your judgment. Take a new relationship, knowing that you are entering an unfamiliar territory. Be ready to learn, be prepared for problems and be ready to meet someone who will change your life forever.

Compete with your old self. Get inspiration from others, most others, learn from others, but know that to compete with them - a waste of time. You compete only with one person - with yourself. You compete to become the best, as you can be. Set a goal to surpass their own achievements.

Rejoice victories of others. Please note that you love others and tell them about it. Understanding what great people around you, leading to a good - performance, satisfaction and peace. Rejoice for those who are making progress. Cheer for their victory. I am very grateful to them for all the good. Sooner or later, your relationship to them will come back to you, and people will have to experience for your success.

Look for the good in difficult situations. When you are ill and upset a few deep breaths and exhale, and then start looking for good - a small glimmer of hope. Remind yourself that you can be sure and become stronger because of these difficulties. Keep in mind the achievements and victories - all that was right in your life. Focus on what you have, not on what you do not.

Forgive yourself and others. It happens that we are suffering because of their decisions or decisions of others. Although the pain that we have because of this experience, is normal, sometimes it lasts too long. Again and again we are experiencing the pain, and we can not get her out of my head. Healing - forgiveness. This does not mean that you erase the past or forget about what happened. It is to forget the insults and pain, learn from it and move on.

Help those around you. Take care of the people. If you know a better way, they enter it. The more you help others, the more others will want to help you. Love and kindness begets love and kindness. And always will be.

Listen to your inner voice. If it helps, discuss their ideas with the closest people, but reserves the right to follow your own intuition. Be honest with yourself. You say what you have to say. Do what your heart tells.

Do not allow yourself to stress, take breaks Slow down the pace. Inhale and exhale. Allow yourself to pause, regroup and go forward clearly and purposefully. When you are very busy, a little break can bring back the freshness of mind and improve performance.

Notice the beauty of every moment. Instead of waiting, be done when something big - a wedding, the birth of children, promotion, winning the lottery, - look for happiness in the small events that occur every day. Small events like a morning cup of coffee, taste or smell the wonderful home-cooked food, fun to share with someone by something that pleases you, or simply hand your loved one that you are holding in your hands.

Take even that is imperfect. Remember that perfect - the enemy of good. One of the most serious problems of those who want to improve themselves and the world around, is to learn to accept the surrounding reality for what it is. Sometimes it is better to evaluate and accept the world as it is, and people as they are rather than trying to fit everyone under an unattainable ideal. No, you must not become mediocre, but learn to love and appreciate even that is not quite perfect.

work every day in order to get closer to their targets. Remember that the journey of a thousand kilometers always begins with the first step. What ever you dreamed of, every day, try to do something to get closer to the realization of a dream. Act! The harder you work, the luckier you'll be.

Do not hide what you feel. If you're offended, give yourself time and opportunity poobizhatsya, but do not hide it. Talk about it with loved ones. Tell them that feeling. Let them listen to you. It's so simple - to say out loud that oppresses you, and it will be the first step towards the return of the good mood.

Take full responsibility for your life. Let your choice and your errors will be your only, be prepared for the fact that you have to do something to correct them. Or do you take responsibility for your life, or it will make someone else. And when that happens, you become a slave to his ideas and dreams, rather than do their own. You are the only person who can lead directly to their lives. Yes, it is not always easy.

actively develop the most important relationships. Bring a real, genuine joy in your life and the lives of those you love, just keep telling them how much they mean to you. You can not be everything to everyone, but you can be all things to some people. Remember, you do not have a lot of friends - you need friends that you can call real.

Focus on what is subject to your control. You can not change everything, but you can change something. Loss of time, talent and emotional energy on something that is not in your power to change - a direct path to frustration, misery and decline in activity. Direct your energy on what you can control, and apply to their efforts.

Focus on the possibility of positive results. your brain to believe that you can do something before it actually be able to do it. The best way to overcome the negative thoughts and bad emotions - develop their opposites positive emotions, stronger and more vibrant. Listen to your inner voice, replace negative thoughts to positive. No matter how the situation looks, focus on the fact that there was something you really want. And then take a step forward.

Think about how you still rich. Henry David Thoreau once said: "The wealth - is the ability to experience life to the end." Even when hard times come, it is important to see things in perspective. You can choose the clothes you put on in the morning. You do not so much work today. You do not have anything to fear. Do you have enough clean drinking water. You can get medical help. You have access to the Internet. You can read. You can say that you are incredibly rich, so remember to be thankful for all that you have.

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