Children's poem by Vera skid

dad told me straight:
- An hour will come
bring you
to frighten all
from the balcony.
tidy - added harshly - I do
I sleep a little bit.
I am a responsible child.
I was in the kitchen at five cartons
spread pencils - instead of soda
and noodles.
has washed sock
in a circle,
washed soup
all the toys,
I was able to warm gingerbread,
that was sweet
brewed in a pot
tea - sweet mother met - generously pack entirely.
polkovra shaved machine.
cleaned toothpaste
an old vacuum cleaner dangerous.
hairdryer dust blasted
(quietly - I'm here
not one).
all the books I folded slide.
poured vinegar (it rancid)
neatly in the box.
It was cool.
like in the movies!
I thought - what a pity,
Mom is very delayed.
everything is cold - gingerbread and tea.
Mom, where are you?

Author: Vera Polozkova
Photo: Elena Stefanova



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