Amazing story of the poem "Do not part with your beloved ..."

There are few people who are not familiar lines from the poem "Do not part with your beloved ...", especially after the release of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath". In fact, a poem by Alexander Kochetkov called differently - "The Ballad of the smoke-filled car».

The history of this poetic work struck all editors website.

During the creative life of the majority of poets are emerging lines that are the apotheosis, and those of Alexander Kochetkov steel line from the "Ballad of a smoky car».

This poem has an interesting history of the creation, which told in the records of the poet's wife Nina G. Prozriteleva. Summer 1932 the couple spent with relatives and Alexander Kochetkov had to leave earlier than his wife. The ticket was bought to the station Caucasian, and then had to take a train Sochi - Moscow.

According to the memoirs of Nina Grigorievna, the couple could not leave, and already at the time of landing, when the conductor asked the mourners to leave the train, Nina G. literally rescued her husband from the car. It was decided to hand over the ticket and postpone the departure of the three days. After three days and left Kochetkov, arrived in Moscow, found that friends are already considered him dead in the crash, which occurred with a train of Sochi - Moscow. It turned out that the three days delay poet saved from imminent death. In the first letter from her husband, who got Nina G., it was the poem "The Ballad of the smoke-filled car».

Everything that has happened has forced the poet to reflect on the role of chance in human life and the great power of love that can save people from the tragic vicissitudes of fate. Although the poem was written in 1932, it was published only 34 years later in the book "Day of Poetry". However, even before the publication of these soulful string left nobody indifferent and passed literally by word of mouth, as well as the story itself of its creation. After the publication of "The Ballad of the smoky train" was included in numerous collections of poetry as one of the best lyrical works of the time.

Alexander Kochetkov wrote many wonderful poems, but he has remained in the memory of people because of their "Ballad ...". It has been more than a dozen years after its writing, and lines from this poem continues to be the anthem of lovers. In all situations the most important thing - it is always to follow the behest of the poet: "Do not part with your beloved!". And then back down, even inevitable.

- It hurts, my dear, how strange,
Akin to the ground, weaving branches - It hurts, my dear, how strange
Forks under the saw.
Do not heal the heart wound,
Shed tears of pure,
It does not heal the wound of the heart -
Spilled flaming tar.

- While alive, I will be with you -
The soul and blood nerazdvoimy - still alive, I'll be with you -
Love and death are always together.
You ponesesh with you everywhere -
You ponesesh with him, darling - you ponesesh with you everywhere
Native land, sweet home.

- But if I have nothing to hide
From pity incurable,
But if I have nothing to hide
From the cold and darkness?
- For the parting will be meeting,
Do not forget me, my love,
During the parting will be meeting,
Let us, both - you and me.

- But if I untraceable Kan -
Short beam light of day - but if I untraceable Kan
During a stellar zone in the Milky smoke?
- I'll pray for you,
So as not to forget the way the earth,
I'll pray for you,
I hope you come back unharmed.

Shaking in a smoky car,
He became homeless and humble,
Shaking in a smoky car,
He poluplakal, poluspal,
When the composition on a slippery slope
Suddenly a terrible twisted roll,
When the composition on a slippery slope
From the rail wheels torn off.

Superhuman strength,
In a winepress of mutilating,
Superhuman strength
Earth thrown on the ground.
And no one defended
Away promised meeting,
And no one defended
Hand calling distance.
Do not part with your beloved!
Do not part with your beloved!
Do not part with your beloved!
Whole blood to germinate in them, - And every time goodbye forever!
And each time, goodbye forever!
And each time, goodbye forever!
When he left for a moment!



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