8 useful exercises that you can do right at your desk

There is a very simple set of exercises for those who work all day at a computer. Website like the fact that you can do them anywhere, standing, sitting, not even looking up from his work. If you practice regularly, improve overall health, leave problems with memory and vision.

They take away six minutes each, but they need to perform on a daily basis, once per hour. There are no contraindications.

Focus on your feet, they should fully touch the ground. Raise and lower your heels without leaving socks on the floor 40 times. Keep your back straight, feet should be kept together. Raise and lower heels socks without interruption 40 times. Exercise that can be done in any position: open and close the muscles of the buttocks 40 times. Slowly draw in the abdomen on the exhale, inhale to return to starting position 15 times. Great workout for the abdominal muscles! Train your back muscles standing or sitting. When you slide straight back to the spine of the blade 40 times, making sure your shoulders do not move! In order to rest his back and stretch your fingers do the following exercise: hands, spread apart at shoulder level. Watch your posture. Clenching and unclenching his fists 40 times. Rhythmically turn your head left and right 40 times. Pull the chin forward 40 times. This exercise will eliminate the double chin and make clearer oval face.

This production is still charging times of the USSR.

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