With your hands can tell about your character

Website publishes a simple test that can tell you a lot.

It's simple. Look at your nails and try to determine their form - will help the image below. If you can not find your "type", select the one that is most similar.

Long and pryamougolnye

If you have long nails and rectangular, you are likely very sociable person, who, among other things, has a sharp mind. You experience the pleasure of a new acquaintance, and excited about the new experience, and are always trying to expand their horizons.

When it comes to work, your main motto - "Measure twice - cut once." You study the issue from all sides and taking the best solution. The main thing - to think over, down to the smallest detail.

Wide and ploskie

You are a man with a clear mind, that analyzes everything and everyone. You think before you speak, people often turn to you for advice, listen carefully to your opinions. You are well versed in the characters of people, and your instincts can always rely on.

So people like to create something new, they know that work will pay off later. First of all they are interested in the practicality and benefits, so they like to come up with smart solutions to complex problems.

Short and okruglye

Chances are you energetic, creative person with a large (possibly hidden) talents. You radiate joy and positive, so people are always happy to go to the contact with you. Once you gain a new friend, you remain faithful to him all my life and do everything to protect the people love.

There are a few things that you love more than anything else. Inside you play a spirit of adventure, and if something captures your mind once you will never back down until you get it. Someone said that you're a little stubborn, but you somehow know what you want!

Uneven and korotkie

Perhaps they are uneven because they are constantly chewing on you? Then you are likely very sensitive and observant person. You cherish the existing relations with the people and carefully think about the adoption of new friends.

Such, as you say, "The still waters run deep." You can look calm on the outside, but inside you can overcome a storm of emotions. Your friends always know that they can hear the truth from you, even if it is bitter.

Volume and pryamougolnye

You are a very hardworking person and a natural leader, who comes to affairs responsibly. Do you trust the important meetings, because everyone knows that he can count on you. When you do something, you do it right.

However, you are not just hard-nosed hard worker. At heart you are a gay man, and that is always for a good company to meet.


You are a brave and determined man who always knows what he wants. You undertake with great passion for any assignment.

When it comes to work, your motto - "Work easily without a lot of effort is spent", as you really ponder his decision before acting. Your hard work always pays off and looks great.

Oval and dlinnye

If your nails are oval in shape, then you are most likely a very creative person. You have a good imagination and you are happy to be surrounded by beautiful things. People are drawn to you, especially when they have in mind a raging ocean of emotions to find an outlet in your quiet and peaceful haven.

Some say that you take on too much, but in fact a full immersion in the work makes you happy, especially when it benefits others.

Unusual kutikuly

This means that you are a very bright man who avoids the word "normal" as some kind of plague. You will always find creative solutions.

What is your motto - "Work as work, rest well rest!". You know how to have fun, so all, what would you do, by definition can not be boring.

NB: Remember that each person is unique and delicious by itself, but it's just a cute attempt to classify.

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