6 historical finds, are still not solved

The history of mankind is estimated not one millennium, but scientists still do not know the answers to many questions. The artifacts found during archaeological excavations, forcing experts to guess why the search for truth is just getting interesting.

Website offers to get acquainted with the most remarkable findings is still not solved by science.

Giant stone balls Costa RikiZagadochnye rock formations perfectly round shape is intriguing not only its appearance but also its unknown origin.

They were first discovered in the 30s of the XX century when the workers clearing the jungle by banana plantations. Local legend has it that inside the mysterious stone balls had to be hidden gold. Many petrosfery were split, some of them exploded. But they were empty.

It is not known by whom and for what purpose they were created petrosfery. It can be assumed that these were the symbols of heavenly bodies or designate land borders between different tribes.

Baghdad batareykaDo first discovery of electricity gave odds Mesopotamians. In 30-ies of XX century in the archaeological excavations near Baghdad it was discovered a mysterious artifact known as the "Baghdad Battery." He had the following form: 13-inch vessel through the neck which held an iron rod with traces of corrosion. Inside the vessel was a copper cylinder and in the cylinder - an iron rod.

Based on the structure of the findings, scientists have suggested that this ancient battery, which could create an electrical current voltage of 1 volt.

According to one version, this battery could be used in the process of electroplating gold, also remains an open question why the manufacturing technology of these batteries has been lost in other parts of anything like this has been found.

Voynich Manuscript VoynichaManuskript - the most mysterious book in the world. It has no author, it is written in an incomprehensible language, and pages abound inexplicable symbols and strange illustrations.

Originality of the manuscript is that it was written with a unique alphabet, not unlike any alphabetic system. These strange signs stumped cryptographers XX century and still remain undeciphered.

Golden Inca figures

Golden figurines have been found in South America, resemble aircraft, and it is hard to believe. What was the inspiration for the creation of these figures - is unknown.

In 1996, the German model aircraft Algund Enbom and Peter Belting proved in practice that the hypothesis on models of aircraft in the form of mysterious figures of animals has a right to life. They have created a precise, enlarged 16 times up the so-called golden Colombian airplane. To start the air models were equipped with motors, and radio systems.

Two models are not only able to rise into the air, but also perfectly executed aerobatic maneuvers, as well as excellent planning, even with the engine off.

Genetic diskNa incredible artifact - a genetic drive depicted things and processes that modern man can be observed only under the microscope. The disk is likely to show the process of the birth and development of the embryo. It is also one of the strangest figures is incomprehensible human head shape.

The disc is made of durable stone called Lydian stone underneath. With its exceptional strength of this stone has a layered structure, and despite the presence of an ancient artifact, to make something like that to him and practically and theoretically is impossible.

Antikythera mechanism mehanizmAntikitersky is the oldest and well-known computing mechanism, the first analogue computer because of its complex structure is evident.

After decades of research, scientists were able to determine that the mechanism shows the position of the sun, the moon, the movement of the planets through the heavens, predicted solar and lunar eclipses - and even key events such as the Olympic Games.

The major controversy erupted around the fact that before the discovery of ancient civilization Antikythera Mechanism manufacture of such complex instruments were not available. Scientists say that this set of bronze gears ahead of these types of equipment for a thousand years.

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