10 books that you forget to eat

These books of those who do not let go for a moment, until not read the last lines. Sleep, food, household chores, work - all matter.

Website has collected 10 books, which tightened the reader into his world.

Stefan Zweig "24 hours in the life of women" Austrian writer, like anyone else, was able to openly and at the same time the most tactful to talk about most human experiences. Mesmerizing description of the smallest details, from which suddenly loom real faces, which seem here, at arm's length from you.

Joanne Harris
"Five quarters of the orange 'youngest daughter inherits from his mother just a cookbook. In a cafe, she prepares for these old recipes and trying to decipher the record between the lines. This is a book about the terrible past that sometimes it's better not to stir and leave for a distant shelf in the closet.

Winston Groom "Forrest Gump" The success of the movie of the same name preceded by huge success of the book, which is both the embodiment of the myth of the American dream, and sharp satire, which is significantly weaker than felt in the film and touching love story high. It is worth noting that in the book the hero looks a bit smarter, a little sarcastically, and the situation - fantastic.

Arthur Hailey "Airport" on airport staff problems afflict one another airport covers the strongest storm on board one of the planes crash, and lost somewhere in the car with food. This lack and his personal troubles and dramas. And all this in one Friday night. The amazing story, written in a rare genre of the production of the novel is read in one breath.

Strugatsky brothers
"Monday begins on Saturday" That's really where never want to leave, because it is from the Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the magic of fit with a deep scientific side, and his work like so that even with a holiday escape to immerse yourself in the magic and scientific research . When the book ends, I want to open it and read again immediately.

Sebastien Zhaprizo "The lady with glasses and a gun in the car" Wonderful psychological detective story, where the most interesting - is the characters. The book is very atmospheric: feel the wind, smell of the sea, the uncertainty of the heroine, her despair. Trying to understand all of the leading heroine to rethink their lives and to seek his true "I».

Maupassant "Dear Friend" History Career ordinary seducer and playboy. Despite the fact that the dignity of the main character or for a penny, his adventures following with bated breath. It is easy, confident and unscrupulously he climbs the social ladder. And the point is not only in the resourcefulness of Georges but also in a state of society in which he can do his peculiar career.

Janusz Wisniewski
"Loneliness in the network" One of the most poignant novel about love, published in Russia in recent years. Heroes are found in Internet chat rooms, sharing erotic fantasies, tell stories from their lives. They met in Paris, not passing through a single test, but the main challenge for the meeting itself will love.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
"Love in the Time of Cholera" Swarthy beauty Fermina rejected youthful love childhood friend and his wife chose to become a scientist, wants to get the Spanish colonies of the plague. About love are told with feeling, with a smile and so poetic that both expect and not expect from Marquez.

David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas" Roman Mitchell can not "swallow" in a hurry. They should enjoy as an incredible symphony, the perfect consonance of the six instruments, six lives one soul. This is a book that everyone will understand completely his: she seemed a mosaic of different people which is folded completely different picture. Magic? No doubt. The magic word in its pure form.

And what books you delay?

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