10 books that will suit the brain reboot

The presented books kept in suspense not only up to the last moment, but also a very long time after you have already read. They tell about the difficult choice of the main characters, who are forced to fight with reality. These stories are forced to look at our world quite different eyes.

Website gathered incredibly deep 10 books, which are able to change the world.

George Orwell - "1984» h3>

Orwell's novel of a terrible future, first published in 1949, became a classic anti-utopian genre. In the first book an idea of ​​the existence of Big Brother, and there is the concept of a totalitarian regime, continues today no less urgency.

Ray Bradbury - "Fahrenheit 451» h3>

The novel describes a society that relies on consumer thinking. All books, forced to think about life, to be burned. The author depicted the people who have lost touch with each other, with nature and with the intellectual heritage of mankind.

Franz Kafka - "The process» h3>

Kafka wrote the novel "The Trial" for 1914-1915 years., But in light of the book was published only in 1925, after the death of the writer. It is a unique story of the bank's employees Josef K., who was arrested for no apparent reason. The hero is struggling to find out what he is accused, but in vain.

by John Kennedy Toole - "Collusion Dunces» h3>

Ignatius J. Reilly - intellectual, ideologist, a quitter, a mockery, a glutton, despising present for lack of proper theology and geometry. He leads a hopeless war against all. Hero, which is unparalleled in the world of satirical literature.

Aldous Huxley - "Brave New World» h3>

This powerful fiction masterpiece of world controllers create the perfect society. Most of the content with the world, based on genetic engineering, brainwashing and the strict division into castes. But there is always someone who longs to break free.

William Golding - "Lord of the Flies» h3>

Allegorical Golding novel became a bestseller and went into compulsory program reading some colleges. This is a story about a group of boys stranded on a desert island. With the emergence of problems immediately begin to show violent traits of human nature.

Joseph Heller - "Amendment-22» h3>

The classic story of Joseph Heller about the loss of faith and sanity grows bureaucratic power. Captain Yossarian serves Italian bomber regiment during World War II. But his main enemy - not the Nazis, and his army. Bombardier is in a bind because of "Catch-22" that does not allow him to leave the service.

Mitch Ėlbom - "Tuesdays with Morrie» h3>

"Tuesdays with Morrie" - a touching story about Mitch Ėlbom his mentor Morrie Schwartz. Many of us have parted with their mentors and their ideas slowly erased from our memory. But Mitch, a second chance to meet with her professor of sociology, who live only a few months.

Daniel Keyes - "Flowers for Algernon» h3>

The history of the treatment of people with mental disabilities and how the past can influence the future. Mentally retarded Charlie Gordon is involved in an experiment that might help him to increase the intelligence, but had previously only been tested on animals.

Tim O'Brien - "The things they carried with them» h3>

The author uses a metaphor to show the status of men in war, based on their own experiences, obtained at the front of Vietnam. In the book, O'Brien blurs the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction.

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