10 books, from which it is impossible to break away

These books are among those who read voraciously: on track for a meal, instead of the film, instead of sleeping - only to find out it will all end.

< Website I have selected 10 books that can not quit reading, even if your house hurricane swept into the magical land.

Donna Tartt "Secret History" Excellent psychological drama takes us to a small private college. Inside a tiny closed group - special course on classical philology. Six young lovers of ancient Greek and inspirational teacher. At first they seem a little formulaic, schematic, while the plot does not make them open, and not with the best hand.

Terry Pratchett - "Hijackers" Pratchett knows how to drag into their world, and not to release until he read to the last page and start looking hungrily new book. This time, the story of the tiny creatures that live alongside humans. The plot is simple, but the meaning is not always Pratchett that happened with the characters, and how all of this happened, all the reacted and what amusing observations about life made with the author.

Anna Gavalda - "35 kilos of hope" Poetic parable about the main thing: a choice of life, the power of love and devotion. About the family. That dream may have come true. We just want to very much. And I try very hard. Solving their "children" of the problem, thirteen hero seeks out - and finds him, so much so that both adults have a lot to learn from the boys.

Somerset Maugham -
"Of Human Bondage" It would seem, how can head to tighten the life story of the ordinary, even somewhat mediocre person? But each is described in her character, every detail give rise to a feeling so close to what is happening, as if you yourself live in the same place and do the same foolishness as protagonists.

Stephen King - "It" One of the key horror films in the works of American writer is not so much about the fantastic monsters as that monster that lurks in the soul of everyone. It is - part of human nature. And if man is reconciled with the monster within himself, he can become part of a monster as it was with the good people of the town of Derry.

Diane Setterfield
"The Thirteenth Tale" Gothic history, which has an old gloomy mansion, family secrets, ghosts, tangled lives and sense of understatement, captures and does not let go until the last page read. In this novel, all well: the plot, atmosphere, characters, language and refined style.

Francoise Sagan "Leash" The story told by the French writer with ruthless precision and psychological, addictive. You wait and try to predict the outcome, than all will end, although the plot is incredibly simple: rich woman takes a husband poor musician and begins to alter it to your liking, struggling to make sure that it is by no means not off the short leash.

Alexandre Dumas
"The Count of Monte Cristo" This book is usually read as a child, but when you start to re-read it to adults, it turns out that it is even more interesting, because you can understand and see what you do not notice the child.

Fannie Flagg
"Fried Green Tomatoes" The life of a small town, served with different angles, in different episodes, is quite different from the idyll. It has the complexity, drama and even nightmares, but the joy and the little adventures and holidays. You can be happy in spite of everything - and this optimism novel attracts and makes us believe in the best.

Dan Simmons "Hyperion" This is a great space "Decameron": on the outskirts of civilization, in the semi-wild the planet six pilgrims tell each other stories. The authors are not interested in the amazing scenery of the interplanetary future, and how far in its development man can go and, more importantly, how it will come in the future. Worthy of its people, and it remained a savage how once sat in the caves of the Stone Age.

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