Scientists have found that reading lovers live longer than others

Finally, the scientists do business and proved that wonderful habit of reading can bring us not only mental clarity and richness of imagination, but also something more valuable - the additional years of life

. The School of Public Health at Yale University, summed up a lot of research on the impact of reading on the life expectancy. The study, which lasted for 12 years, took part in 3, 6, thousands of older men and women. Among them were all sorts of people - from the avid fans to read those books only touch during cleaning

It turned out that people who love to read and do it regularly, live an average of 2. years longer than any other. among the pensioners, who are used to hold a book between 3 and 5 hours a week or more, the risk of dying in the next 12 years is 20% less than in the rest of the elderly.

«It takes only half an hour of reading per day, and your chances of a long life is getting larger." One of the study's authors, Professor Becca R. Levy.

It is interesting that the "book therapy" works for everyone, regardless of income level, occupation, marital status, race and life satisfaction Help to live a longer just books. People who prefer newspapers and magazines, the results were not as impressive.

We know that reading - is the most effective way to reduce stress and get away from everyday worries. It allows the brain stay young longer and increases the level of intelligence, increasing the number of neural connections in the brain. The habit of reading, postpone aging and Alzheimer's disease. It helps fight depression, improve social skills and creativity.

The benefits of reading scientists know a long time ago, but the researchers of Yale University first able to prove that it really affects the duration of our lives.

We believe this is news of the year, and is already running choose her new book!

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