This girl has proven that to be a pilot and master of yoga at the same time very simple

Swedish female driver Maria Pettersson live a life that many of us can only dream of. She travels a lot, playing sports and just glows with happiness.

< Website offers and you will learn a little bit of inspiration and positive emotions of her photos.

32-year-old Maria for several years worked as a commercial pilot in the airline Ryanair.

Instagram girl has got to her family not so much missed her when she was away from home.

later some time after creating an account at Maria's page in instagrame began to sign hundreds of people from around the world.

And looking at these photos, it is clear what is the reason for such popularity.

Being a pilot international airlines, Maria visited many exotic countries, where it manages to free time to engage in your favorite yoga.

Maria Pettersson loves his job and is shared with subscribers of rare photographs showing the daily life of a commercial airliner pilot.

We Website admire this cheerful girl, because she turns out to combine your favorite job, travel, hobbies and activities sports. Keep it up! Source boredpanda

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