10 things in the world that can not be explained by the logic of the Earth

The history of the world is full of amazing mysteries. And a lifetime is not enough to solve them. But you and the Website can briefly look into the keyhole of the door, behind which hides a world of crazy mysteries.

1. moaMoa birds - flightless birds that lived in New Zealand and became extinct about 1500, destroyed (according to one theory) of Maori aborigines. During one of the expeditions, scientists came across a large part of the bird's legs, which is incredibly well preserved.

2. The temple complex of Sacsayhuaman, the temple complex is amazing PeruEtot its impeccable masonry connection without a single drop of solution (among some of the stones can not even stick a piece of paper) and how perfectly processed surface of each block.

3. The Gate of the Sun, the Sun is in BoliviyaVrata Tiwanaku - Ancient and mysterious city. Some scientists believe that in the first millennium AD, it was the center of a vast empire. Until now, no idea of ​​what is meant by the drawings on the gate. Maybe they were carrying some astrological and astronomical value.

4. Grottoes Analects, KitayGroty were carved in sandstone people - it was a difficult job, in which exactly were thousands of Chinese to take part, but there is no mention of these caves and how they were created.

5. Obelisk EgipetObelisk began to cut down into the rock, but it went crack. His and left unfinished. Dimensions are stunning!

6. The underwater city of. Yonaguni YaponiyaKompleks accidentally discovered diving instructor Kihachiro Arataki. This underwater city destroys all scientific theories. The rock in which it is cut down, went under water about 10,000 years ago, that is, long before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. According to modern ideas of some scientists, in that distant epoch people lived in caves and were able to collect unless edible roots so to hunt wild animals, and not to erect the stone city.

7. Moenjodaro (Hill of the Dead), PakistanVot many decades archaeologists worried about the mystery of the death of the city. In 1922, an Indian archaeologist R. Banardzhi found on an island in the ancient ruins of the Indus River. Even then there is a question: how was destroyed by the big city, where were its residents? None of these excavations gave no answer.

8. Mound L'Anse aux Meadows, KanadaEto settlement founded by the Vikings about 1000 years ago. And it means that they get to North America long before Christopher Columbus was born.

9. Tunnels Stone vekaOtkrytie vast network of underground tunnels (which spread all over Europe from Scotland to Turkey) said that the Stone Age people spent their days not only for hunting and gathering. But the real purpose of the tunnels is still a mystery. Some researchers believe that their task was to protect people from predators, others - that this system, people traveled, protected from weather and wars.

10. Giant stone balls Costa RikiZagadochnye rock formations perfectly round shape is intriguing not only its appearance but also its unknown origin and purpose. They were first discovered in the 30s of the XX century when the workers clearing the jungle by banana plantations. Local legend has it that inside the mysterious stone balls had to be hidden gold. But they were empty.

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